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This was my first time playing the 17th string koto, and that was a big challenge for me. It was much bigger than the 13th string koto and also I had a lot of 合わせ爪 but it was different from the 13th string koto, so I had to get used to the 17th string koto and that took me a bit of a time. It was also a pressure because I was the only one doing the 17th string and if I mistake some parts, theres no one to cover for me. I also had to come to ICJC to practice, but that made me motivate to practice. I think I practiced more than last year or the year before that. Memorizing the piece was bit hard, since I had to work more on the rhythm than memorizing it so I can play correctly. The rhythm was challenging too, because even if I got the rhythm right when practicing alone, I was confused when all of us played together since every part had different rhythms. But when I got the hang of it, it got really easy, because most parts have the same rhythm. Counting really helped me a lot with the rhythm.

When I was rehearsing, I made some mistakes on the easy parts, and I really thought had to count on that part. While I was waiting for the concert to start, I literally did nothing so I won’t get nervous.

When we were playing in front of the people, I was a bit nervous, since I was the only one playing the 17th string. Around the second page, 2nd line last measure, I forgot to play that part and I made a mistake. But at the same time, I became not nervous since because I thought ‘I already made a mistake, wouldn’t it be the same even if made another?’. Because of that, I was able to play strong and powerful. Around page 8, I thought we were going a bit too fast. To improve I think we should really look at each other when playing because I think the reason why we going fast is because people are too into the music and they’re not looking at other people and playing by themselves.

To improve next time, I will try to practice not only the hard parts, but also the easy parts, because those parts we get fast since its easy to play. Also for me, I wasn’t able to play because I didn’t practice enough on that part. Also I will try to pay attention to other people when playing the koto, so I don’t go too fast and try to keep the rhythm with everyone.

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  1. You have some good comments here, Reina. It was a big challenge for you to play the bass koto for Jupiter. I know how hard you worked and I very much appreciate your effort. I like your comments about everyone paying more attention to each other as you play. Also, it is very true what you say about the “easy parts” and how we sometimes rush when we get to those. Keep up the great work!

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