What healthy living means to me?|Science

In Science, we are learning about how our body work and how we need energy for life.

I think healthy diet is when you get a balanced amount of nutritions. Taking too much or too less can cause problems. Taking too much vegetable can be unbalanced and taking too less fat won’t get you much energy. I think those ‘only drinking water diet’ is stupid, because it is obviously unbalanced and I think no one can stand only drinking water.

If you eat, you need to exercise to consume the energy. I think everyday, playing with your friends and moving your body until you get hungry is a good amount of exercise.  Too much exercise is bad too. You also have to be balanced with both food and exercise.

Sleep also matters too. By sleeping, you can completely rest your body, and also you can sort your memories while sleeping. If you don’t sleep, you get more stressed because you can’t rest your body.

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