The piece has a lot of patterns and most them are repeating, so it was very easy for me to play this part of piece. I think I did a pretty good job on switching notes to notes, and underlining the notes on the score helped me a lot understand and play it smoothly. What I have to be careful is that this piece switches a lot with the beats like eight notes to quarter note. I have to pay attention to the beats and not get confused because If I mess up, then koto 2 will mess it up too. I also I have to keep the rhythm because the beat was a bit faster some parts. I will use metronomes to help keep the beat.

One thought on “OKOTO|Music

  1. You are right about the need to be careful when the patterns change. Some of them are very simple, and that makes it easy to play them much faster. Please think about the beat and keeping it very regular. Watch the score carefully when there are transitions between sections so that you don’t skip or add beats. Overall, you are doing a great job with OKOTO.

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