Religion and me

Our family doesn’t believe in a certain religion deeply, but in holidays we go visit temples and shrines which does relate to shinto religion and Buddhism. We go to our great-grandparent’s grave quite often with my grandparents. This is because our grandparents believed in Buddhism and when we arrive at the grave, we all read ‘Hannya Shingyo’ which is deeply related to Buddhism. Also in summer we make some cows that are made out of eggplant and horses that are made out of cucumbers. This is because theres is a certain period in summer where the dead can come back to our world from heaven or hell. We place the horse at first so they can ride it and come back fast, and place the cow in the end so the dead can go back slowly. I think the religion affected my life by learning more about my grandparents and what they believe in. Now that I think about it, we actually follow some religion without realising, since it kind of became a habit, or a little celebration our family does for fun.

One thought on “Religion and me

  1. Nice post Reina. I think that it is a nice thing to do to visit a grave and pray as I do the same. I think that being associated to a religion is a good thing though, Even in a minor way. Anyways nice post!

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