Reflecting on Session with the Kindergarteners | Tutor

During the session we had with the kindergarteners, I’ve experienced many things in a short amount of time. In this session I’ve read books and stories to a little kindergarten girl who was my buddy.

Although I was experienced in reading books to little students from past similar sessions I had in the past few years, I did felt self conscious about my ability to talk and read books with the kindergarteners. Although I had some slight concerns, when I met the little kindergarteners they were all genuine and welcoming, which made me feel more comfortable playing with them. My buddy was an energetic little girl who was very advocate and communicative. Although she was slightly shy at the start, after introducing one another to each other she become more confident and comfortable talking with me. She engaged in many conversations and freely expressed her own opinions and feelings during the sessions. When we were reading the stories, she commented on the pictures and gave her opinion, as well as asking for mine which I thought was one of strength as a learner. She was already able to be open-minded and ask for others opinion or comments.

During this session I also worked on being open-minded and caring towards my buddy, as I understood how this session was also risk-taking for her as well. Whenever she finished reading a book, I would always ask which book she would like to read next and let her have choices rather than being restrictive. Through this action she felt more comfortable talking with me and she gladly shared her favorite books with me. I also tried to support her as much as possible by being caring and showing genuine compassion towards her. During the session she accidentally knocked some books down to the floor, which made her feel guilty or culpable about the mistake. Instead I supported her by telling her that ‘it’s okay’ and giving encouraging comments. In the end she and I became great buddies and gave high fives and hugs in the end.

This session was stimulating and every experience I had with my buddy was genuine and valuable for me. I hope I can have an another session with her again.

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