Print making Reflection: final project |Art

Hello. During this past 6 weeks we have been working on print making. What we did is we first made a pattern that can be repeated, and then copy it on to a plate, then carving the plate with carving knifes. For my pattern the…

Express yourself portrait painting reflection|Art

Good morning, good after noon, good evening. I don’t even care anymore. ヾ(‥〃)ノ We are almost finishing our unit for art, “Express yourself”. We are focusing if and how we can express ourself with portrait. We did different activities like writing about yourself and let other…

Painting self portrait | Art

Hellow. Im doing a self-portrait in art class and I thought I should share with everyone. The subject of my composition is myself. I chose myself because I want to express who I am in my portrait. Next time I will paint it with bright…

Princess bubblegum- Speed art & .gif [Art]

I just finished a .gif of princess bubblegum. 2 hours work. 2 frames. Princess bubblegum 8-bit [GIF] by ~evilgunter on deviantART  Also heres the speed art video. Anyways, Im Reina and peace out.

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This. Is. FINALLY. DONE. 30 frames. 4 hours work.     And now I pass out.