Food Labels : Reflection |I&S

In I&S we did a project about problems in food label like obesity, child labor, carbon footprint, wasteful packaging and more. We researched about the problems and how we can raise awareness by food labels. Many consumers look at the food label when buying and it can catch their attention and tell them that the food they eat might lead to obesity or maybe there was a child labor behind it.

The researching went pretty well and smooth, since all of us worked productively during class. We also created roles so we can research about the problems more efficiently. Research was very easy since we chose a popular problem (like obesity) and there was tons and tons of sites and infos to look at.

I thought finding pictures for the analyzing was the most frustrating since I couldn’t find an interesting labels to look at, and most of the american labels were words and not pictures, which made it hard for us to find different types of labels in America.

We made 3 labels to raise awareness; obesity, child labor and wasteful packaging label. I thought that obesity was the easiest to make it into a label, I wanted my labels to be eye-catching yet disturbing, so it stays in the consumer’s memory. I decided to draw a fat, obese person to show that f you keep eating this product you will get over-weight. I also added some orange wave to show the fat you get if you eat 1 bag. Usually the food label of daily percentage are kind of fake, because of the serving size. But by making the daily percentage into a drawing, its more clear and easy to understand for the consumers. One thing I could’ve fixed was that I should’ve made the font for serving bigger. It looks very small and it looks like were trying to hide it from the consumer even though were trying to raise awareness.

I thought the wasteful packaging was the hardest to make it into a label. I first thought making a box full of plastic and saying that we use wasteful packaging, but the picture didn’t turn out well and it was hard to understand. I used Airi’s idea of using a package and writing that says ‘we don’t use wasteful packaging’ or ‘we use wasteful packaging’ and I used Vienna’s idea of drawing of a factory with pollution coming out. I thought both of them were good idea and by using Airi’s idea I got to express the idea of wasteful packaging more clearly. By using Vienna’s idea I got to express what happens if we keep on using the wasteful packaging.

For our group work, I think we did very well working together. We all worked evenly and productively during the class. Even though we had 4 people and we had to make 3 labels, we each gave ideas to each other and added the best ideas to create a label.

Overall, I thought this project was an interesting one to do, since we got to earn the real life problems that are happening right now, and how we can contribute and try to raise awareness for people.


National geographic- Lost Civilization|Humanities

Lets talk about civilization.

We made a national geographic about the lost civilization.

Civilization needs government, like rulers, laws and punishments, economy like money trading and jobs, culture like religion, art and architecture.

I am very proud of my myth page. I got to be creative with this page and I got to make new myths and beliefs. I got to put many information and also I put a lot of effort in to make it look like its one of a national geographic book. Like for example I only used black, yellow and white (excluding pictures) and  I used circles to outline the pictures.

I am also proud of this page.

I am proud of this page because the drawing I have made, I put a lot of effort in it. The drawing took me a long time to make it look realistic and old and I think this artifact is the best one I have made so far.

During this project I have learnt many things about civilization like rules, jobs and trading, but also I got to learn how ancient civilization its different from ours and how much we developed.