What healthy living means to me?|Science

In Science, we are learning about how our body work and how we need energy for life.

I think healthy diet is when you get a balanced amount of nutritions. Taking too much or too less can cause problems. Taking too much vegetable can be unbalanced and taking too less fat won’t get you much energy. I think those ‘only drinking water diet’ is stupid, because it is obviously unbalanced and I think no one can stand only drinking water.

If you eat, you need to exercise to consume the energy. I think everyday, playing with your friends and moving your body until you get hungry is a good amount of exercise.  Too much exercise is bad too. You also have to be balanced with both food and exercise.

Sleep also matters too. By sleeping, you can completely rest your body, and also you can sort your memories while sleeping. If you don’t sleep, you get more stressed because you can’t rest your body.

Eyeball Dissection |Science

HELLO. Today i’m going to talk about how your eyeball works.

When you look at something, theres always a light hitting it. The light rays hits into your eyes, and it goes through cornea which collects the light into the pupil. Pupil is a hole open in your eye, and the light rays goes through the hole to the retina. Iris changes the size of the pupil, if theres a lot of light iris makes the pupil smaller to let in less light as possible into the retina. Theres a lens behind the pupil, which refracts and focuses the light so it can show a clearer image in the retina. The shape of the lens change to focus better depending how far or close you are from the object. At the back of your eye, it is called retina and it is covered with light-sensitive cells. The cells are very sensitive and it detects colors and images which that information gets sent to the brain, through the optic nerve. Thats how you see the world.

Heres the picture of the eyeball. (Picture credits to Haruna)

iPads for Students at YIS? Maybe not. | Science

Do you know where the iPad goes after you throw it away? Heya everyone, today is going to be all about iPads and e-waste. Every electronic you use, everything you plug in, goes to the e-waste once people got bored with it. (Because people like new things) iPads, are made out of different elements and compounds and one of the elements is copper, which is used in the charger for not only iPads but iPhones, computers, and all other electronics. And kids in Ghana, are risking their lives to get copper.

Where do the broken iPads go? Well, almost all electronics ends up in poor countries and one of the country is Ghana, Accra. What the developed countries do, is that they don’t want to destroy the electronics in their countries because its going to cost a lot of money, so they send the broken electronics as a donation saying that they work just fine to get a permit to send it to Ghana. Kids in Ghana, goes to the e-waste to get copper to sell them and get money from it. But to get the copper they have to burn the plastic and when you burn plastic, the toxic gas forms which the kids breathe when burning them. The toxic gas can cause lung cancer, headaches and the kids don’t grow as they are supposed to. Also the toxic gas goes to the markets and lands on the vegetables and fruits which the people buy.

I strongly believe we should not use the iPad for school, because I think this e-waste cycle will not end for a long time and I don’t think the developing countries are even trying to fix it. Then why should the whole school use iPads if they all ends up in the e-waste. Computer is just enough for us. We might not be able to give up on computers and iPhones but we can give up on iPads.

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