Field Studies- BEFORE & AFTER

I’m looking forward to hang out with other students I never really talked to. Many new students came to YIS this year, and I only got a chance to talk with few of them. But by going on a trip together, it will create a opportunity to hang out with them by working with them in different activities.

I’m also excited being in a completely different environment. Being in a different places can be a bit hard, but its also exciting to experience different things, in other environments.

Im a bit worried about the activities were going to be participated in, since i’m not used to water and high places, but it will be a great chance for me to enlarge my comfort zone.

Im also worried if something unexpected happens, and we have to deal with it. Its a pain really, and since were in different environments, it would be difficult for some of us.

Im also excited for geocaching, and finding treasures with my friends. I heard of geocaching before, and I was interested in it but I never really got a chance to do it. Field studies would be a great chance for me to experience these activities.

This year’s field studies were really a shame, because I wasn’t able to go and experience something new that I have never done before. Staying at home during field studies made me realise how important it was to experience these events in new environment. Whenever I went to field studies before, there was good times with friends and teachers, while I also remember the hard times I experienced. But the bad times were never bad as I thought it would be. When my friends came back from the trip, they told me all the all the things they enjoyed. They also told me how things were challenging, like the canyoning and the mountain biking, but they never said they hated it. It made me feel less anxious about the different activities they experienced, even though I never went, and now I think i’m able to try these activities without hesitating, because I know that my friends loved it. Listening to their stories made me think that the fear me and my friend felt before the field studies weren’t as that bad as we thought. They all had a great time, and they were all able to expand their comfort zone without forcing them selves too much. Even though I didn’t get a chance to expand my comfort zone in Minakami, I believe i’m able to expand them by facing the fears and the anxiety I have right now.