Grade 6 Showcase portfolio

Hey there! You somehow managed to come to the grade 6 showcase portfolio or your’e a teacher that has to check my work. Anyone is welcomed here!

We made our selves a ‘SMART’ goals and i’m going to be sharing my ‘SMART’ goals.
((By the way, ‘SMART’ stands for stands for ‘specific’, ‘measurable’, ‘attainable’, ‘relevant’, and ‘time-bound’ for those who don’t know.))

1) Listen to other students opinion and give them time to talk too.
This is important because I always talk and not let some people have chance to share their opinion. If I can achieve this goal people can share their own opinion and their thinking all the time. To start this, I will try to stop talking and listen to other peoples opinion and let them have a chance to talk.
I kind of achieved this goal but I wasn’t very satisfied with the results. I think I should keep this goal in my mind all the time so I won’t forget.

2) To be positive all the time
Well, they say that laughter is the best medicine right? I think if I be positive with things all the time I don’t have to stress and I can also work easier with groups and also even motivate them. I think being positive is really important thing to be at school. Also if theres anything I don’t like to do, being positive helps me to go through and even starting to like it too. Theres a lot of benefits about being positive and It really helps myself and others too. I will try to talk with a lot of people and try to make them laugh and cheer up. Positive FTW!
I achieved this goal way faster than I thought and this goal really helped me work easier with groups and have less stress.

3) Catch some actual zzz’s
I really need to sleep early. Really. If I don’t sleep enough its not healthy and I am still growing. Kids need around 8.5 ~ 9.5 hours of sleep. If I manage to become a morning person, I can be energetic at school and not be sluggish all the time and I can grow and be more healthier. Also I don’t have to feel grouchy when I wake up. Since It will be hard for me to achieve this, I will have to not use computer before sleeping because it makes your brain working and it keeps you awake and set an alarm so I can wake up. I will also try to finish homework and review on tests early so you don’t have to work at night.
I wasn’t really able to achieve this goal so I should work harder on this goal to achieve it by end of grade 6. I think this goal is a important goal to work on because sleep is a important thing in your life.

I was…



I communicated with others and even people I don’t really work with. Like for example in English, we did a project about a character called ‘Kissing Kate Barlow’ from a book called ‘Holes’. In this project I worked with people I never did like, Tsuyoshi, Charlie and George. I get to learn more about them and it was really fun to work with them. And since I was the only girl in the group I really got to work with groups that I never worked with.



I was principled because I do all my homework in time and be timely with everything like in Drama, I did all my blog post comments every week without skipping any.

I also work hard on my projects and try to finish it in good quality. Like in science, we worked on a poster called ‘good & bad backpacks’ and I worked hard on it and I tried to make it look good and high quality. Or like in art, I was focused all the time and tried to make my self portrait nice and good.


Also same with french and musicI worked hard and I put a lot of effort in.




I think which information is right and trustable like in humanities, we made a postcards and I also I check and think if my information is right.


Or like in Japanese I checked different articles to prove if the information is right.


Same with math, I always check twice my answer and whenever its wrong I always make it right.


Heres a blog post about decimals we did in math.


Whenever someone was stuck, I tried my best to help them like in technology some people wasn’t familiar with photoshop and other application so I did my best to explain them and help them out.


Or like in tutor, I help my friends and classmates out like whenever someone is low on battery, I lend them my charger, or if they don’t understand what were doing, I explain to them.



I wasn’t balanced that much because I was talking all the time and not letting other people have a chance to talk. For example in P.E when we were playing basketball and talking about the rules and tips, I was talking I was talking all the time and I didn’t get others to have a chance to talk and share their opinion. I should be more open minded next time and let others have a chance to talk and listen to their idea because I might learn something new.


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