La famille

1. Isabelle and Thuy are talking about their family members while looking at their album.
2. Isabelle has a brother called Alexandre.
3. Isabelle has 3 cousins.
4. Isablelle also mentions her mother and father; grandparents and aunts.
5. I think Isabelle likes her family a lot, but not her brother Alexander since she think he is annoying and troublesome.

1. Vrai
2. Faux
3. Faux
4. Faux
5. Faux

1. b
2. a
3. c
4. d

1. Je peux… ?
2. Ce sont…/C’est…
3. Ils sont heureux.
4. Elle est adorable./ Elle est très intelligente.
5. Il/Elle a… ans.
6. Il est parfois pénible.

My family is almost like Isabelle’s family, but instead of having a younger brother, I have an older brother.