Express yourself portrait painting reflection|Art

Good morning, good after noon, good evening. I don’t even care anymore. ヾ(‥〃)ノ

We are almost finishing our unit for art, “Express yourself”. We are focusing if and how we can express ourself with portrait. We did different activities like writing about yourself and let other person draw you from what you wrote, or we researched about our favorite artists and how they express.

My artwork is called “Hello me.” I chose that title because the portrait looks like a portrait of myself hanging from a wall. The title is from the perspective of myself looking at the portrait. You can see how i’m very expressive and excited I am in the portrait even though the mouth, is sealed.


There are 3 types of portrait. You can be social and show how you communicate to the world or you can be aesthetic which shows your beauty or you can be political and show your self having the power and taking control. I chose my portrait being social because I wanted to express who I am and I thought social fitted the most for my idea.

I focused on color and background. The 2 basic color I used it red and green. Red for the face and hair and green for the background of the portrait in the portrait. I thought these two will contrast well and give a strong vivid color to express my art. It was hard to make my painting not be like christmas color so to not be like that, I used some tints and shade color to not use the vivid red or green. I am proud of my background, I tried to make the brown part look like a wood texture and inside the green background you can see those Japanese manga words kind of camouflaging.

I honestly didn’t know how the portrait will become in the end since I kept on changing small things. Like for example the mask; I wasn’t planning to add that until the last minute just because I thought it will look cool. I was just experimenting with the brushes and the colors and it ended up different than I expected but I am very satisfied with it. I experimented a lot on the brushes with the jacket like for example the jackets dripping down the painting. I first was thinking to make it like realistic paint drips but then as I worked on my painting I thought of actually use the brush texture and create a drip using the dry paint brush to show the texture. I had a lot of fun experimenting with the brushes like for the X on the mask, I made it so when it starts the the paint is there but as you go the paint brush runs out of paint and it makes a dry texture and I thought that was really cool. But, experimenting with colors and brushes caused some problems like that I always made mistakes so I had to dry it and re-paint the parts and some parts were messy since I couldn’t cover up the mistakes properly.

I could’ve worked more on the shades since they not visible too much and I was going to make it look like its pooping out from the painting. Next time I should add shades on the background too, not only for faces and hair.