Why do we tell myths? | English

Hellow. Today we are going to be talking about myths.

You might be wondering what myths are. Myths are stories with traditions. Some myths are completely fictional and some are based on real experience. But all myths are very old. They usually tell story about man’s experience. Some might be about a hero, some might be about gods or even mythical creatures.

Usually the myths are unrealistic and impossible but they have a purpose or a moral. I think that is the reason why people tell myths. Myths aren’t always just a story- many of them teach lessons. In the old days, adults usually tell stories with a lesson to teach or warn kids. The character in the story might lie, steal or cheat and then they are punished for their bad behavior. If you think about this myths are different than fairy tales. Fairy tales are stories with dreams and usually they are cliche and stereotype with a happy ever after. Myths on other hand, are all different and they have different lessons kids have to learn. Myths can have a good ending or a bad ending.

For example, theres a mythical creature called tengu and theres a story about them which has a lesson to not be arrogant. The story is about a man who meets long-nosed, magical goblin called a tengu. The tengu teaches the man ninjutsu and the man could now turn invisible, swim underwater for hours or run as fast as a horse. One day the man came upon a farmer walking slowly along the path. The man got impatient and he drew his sword and swung at farmer’s neck. But the man realized that the farmer was a tengu in disguise and the man could never perform ninjitsu again and was soon caught and punished by the tengu. The story warns people not be conceited just because you are better or special than the others. The man was punished because of his arrogant behavior and being impatient and using his power just because he thinks he is more powerful than the farmer. 『天狗になる』or “becoming a tengu” is one of the famous Japanese myth. And it is one of the great example of a myth with a moral.
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-A picture of a man and the tengu- (picture from here)

I think myths are not just for entertainment. I think the reason why myths are told by many people is to teach a lesson and warn us. But maybe myths are for understanding gods and respecting their beliefs. Maybe myths can be about how world was created of how environments work. What do you think? Why do you think we tell myths? Let me know in the comments.

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