Print making Reflection: final project |Art

During this past 6 weeks we have been working on print making. What we did is we first made a pattern that can be repeated, and then copy it on to a plate, then carving the plate with carving knifes.

For my pattern the flowers and drops design are from native american and the reason I used those motifs is because I thought the native american patterns were very creative because it looked like a drawing than a pattern so I added drops and flowers to make it look like a drawing. Also the way the pattern is mostly repeated horizontally, I got that idea from aztec pattern because the aztec pattern was organized even though there were a lot of motifs. By adding that, my pattern is more symmetrical and more organized.

The most difficult part was carving. I was scared if i’m going to make mistakes and cut my finger or my plate. Also I had some parts which was very detailed and it was very hard to carve without mistaking and I had to be very careful with the edges because if I mistake one part, my pattern won’t be continuous.

How I solved it was practicing and using different size of carving knife. For some parts where it was mostly negative space, I used size 3 or more so I can carve faster and parts it was detailed, I used size 2 or 1 so I can carve small parts. Also I did a method where I carved the outline first with size 1 and then carved the outer part with size 2 or 3. I don’t know if this really helped me or not, but It made it easier to see where the patterns are and where to carve. For the edges, I used rulers and estimated so I can get the pattern to be repeating.

One thing I learned during this unit is to use the time efficiently. We were supposed to have 10 weeks for this project, but we only had around 6 weeks and we also missed some so we only had a half of what it was first. I went to the art studio before class for carving my plates and I think that really helped me to finish my pattern fast. I have to be careful with due dates and I really want to finish these projects, I have to work hard every time so I can finish this in good quality.

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