F I L M M A K I N G 【Film Shots】| English

Hey guys,

For English we have started our new unit! Our unit is Film study and we are learning about film shots and how they affect the movie scenes. We started to look at different shots and angles from a manga and see how it affects the story and emotion.

We looked at 5 shots.
Bird’s eye view
A shot that is looking down at someone or something. This shot gives you a feeling you are stronger than the character in the scene while the character feels weaker. It also makes the scene more dynamic and dramatic. For example if a man is looking down from a high building, it makes it more dramatic if you make it bird eye view and you get a feeling you are standing on a high building.

Worm’s eye view
Worms eye view is the opposite of bird’s eye view and its a shot that is looking up at someone or something. Opposing to bird’s eye view, it makes the character more powerful and you, the audience feels more weaker.
Close up
Close up is a close shot of a person or a thing (mostly person). It shows a bit of emotion and you feel that character is important.
Extreme close up
Extreme close up is like close up shot, but MORE EXTREME. Its when you have a close up shot of something or parts of your body. If you have a extreme close up of a face and mostly eye, you feel and understand that the character is furious and angry or you feel another emotion. Or if you have a extreme close up of a object, it means that the object is a key object or something important.
Wide angle shot
Wide angle shot is when you have more background and you zoom out from the character. It have a less detail with the character but it gives you an information where the characters are and if there is only 1 or 2 characters, the scene is empty and you feel the loneliness.

We (Me, Haruna, Yujin and wonkyung) took some pictures using the shots. See if you can guess them!

Answer: Worms eye view

Answer: Bird’s eye view

Answer: Wide angle shot