【Technology】-What makes a great teacher?-

Hay deir. Lets talk about what makes a great teacher.

I think teacher needs to teach us things in the most simple and clear way so the student understand easily and not get confused. Making the students is one of the worst scenario and because teachers are here to teach people they have to be clear and easy to follow. Also I think teacher should not always be so stern and be more cheerful and kind for the students to have a fun time to learn. Strict teachers might not be fun for the students to learn and it can make them stressed and start to hate learning. Teachers have to be well planned and organized. Teachers that doesn’t think ahead and are not organized will not be a good teacher. Teacher should be ready to teach the students. They should also care about the students and think about them. Teacher should help students when they are lost. I think these are one of the reasons of what makes a great teacher.

I think the unit we are doing right now “Teachers of the Future” fits in approaches to learning best because we teach and share our knowledge with others and also not only we teach but we also learn by teaching. We learn by communicating with other students and collaborating, finding it out by your self. We make mistakes and we learn from that. I think we learned a lot during this few weeks. I am looking forward to making my own tutorial and teaching the others.

Thats about it. Bye.

Tutorial investigate reflection


In technology class we are working on making a tutorial and research how tutorial works.
First thing we did is researching our favorite tutorial and looking at good things and bad things about the tutorial.

I also took my favorite tutorials and I made them into a blog post.

After that I commented on Lente’s, Grace’s and Haruna’s blog about their favorite tutorial blog post.
I learned that short clear steps are good for tutorials because its more easier for the audience to understand clearer and short steps don’t bore the audience. Also when you do a voiceover you make sure if the voice is clear and easy to understand or the audience won’t understand your tutorial. I think those are important things to think about when making my tutorial to make it good.

I made a tutorial for photoshop about filling with gradient in technology class.

Now i’m going to compare and contrast this tutorial and my favorite tutorial.
So… Watch me do that.

I know you might think they both are 2 completely different tutorial because one is a video and another is a slideshow and they both teach you different things.
But theres are some similarities too, like that both tutorial has simple and clear steps so the audience won’t get confused and thats your worst case scenario. Or that they both have visuals to make the audience understand more and make them visualize better.

Those two points are very important for tutorials but there are some other points or differences between the videos. First video tutorial have voice overs which is in a steady slow pace for the audience to understand. Voice overs comes handy because they help the audience to understand better and clearer. Second, slideshow tutorials can follow your own pace so you can stop whenever you want to and move to the next step when you are done or move one back if you made a mistake. Video tutorials go with their own flow so you have to be careful how slow you go. I think those points are very important for a tutorial and I will be careful and try to use them when making my own tutorial to make mine better.

In conclusion, I think these steps were helpful to make my tutorial better and I will investigate more to make my tutorial good.

Until then, bye.

【My favorite tutorial video】

Hey there.
I came across a really interesting video and I thought I might show it to you guys.

Its “Zelda Necklace – DIY Geeky Goodies” By ihascupquake
I really like Zelda and I think this is really cool.

The reason I like this tutorial a lot is because her voice was clear and easy to hear. You can hear her voice well so you can follow her steps easily without any confusion. She also added the final project before you start. This is good because you know what they’re going to make and get a image before you start. What I also liked about this tutorial was  that she edited out parts to look smooth. Her editing was simple but she made it flow very well and it looked professional.

Theres also another DIY video that I really liked:

Its “How-to: Tribal Necklace by Ari of Boat People” By ThreadBanger
I thought this necklace was really awesome.

The reason I liked this DIY video is because the editing looks really good and makes it more interesting to watch and her editing is simple and very surreal. Also there is no voice which makes the tutorial interesting because the song and the visual really matches and makes it like you don’t need a voice to make a tutorial.

I think you should take a look on both video if you like DIY’s or making things. :3

Create Reflection

Hey there. Hows it goin’? Since I can’t hear you, I will leave two respond. Feeling good? Yeah greaaaat! Feeling bad? Aww too bad, I don’t care.

Today I will be talking about my blog and how I made it perfect. Also I will be talking about whats good and whats bad about my blog. So lets get started!

Im very satisfied with my blog and I really think its organized but colorful. Simple but exciting. I think my menu is easy to understand for my audience so I can navigate to my pages or my categories and not get lost in this small yet large thing called internet.

What I really like about my blog is my header. It really shows me and my passion and what I like.

W-wait. What? No, not this one, the OTHER one!
….Steven? The other one!
Steven. STEVEN. The other one.
Are you kidding me? Steven, the other header.
Steven. Your’e my manager. You know my new header right?
….You don’t know? What!? This is unacceptable. Your’e fired.

Oh yeah, sorry I got distracted. What your asking me? Who’s Steven? Well my curious friend, he’s my imaginary manager that will never exist because I don’t have any manager. I wish I did…
Let me get my NEW header before I get distracted again.

[Insert magical spell here]
Ah, better. This is my new header. It really shows my passion and what I like more than the old one. Im really proud of it and I think it attracts more people’s eye because its colorful or someone has the same interest and reads my posts.

The only thing I don’t like about my header is the one teeeeenie tiny I made.
I…. I got the size wrong. It you look at my blog, the header is enormous. I can’t do anything since if I make it smaller it looks weird and if I stretch it out, it will look squashed. And I can draw this again but thats just a waste of my very-useful-but-useless time.

Again, I really think my blog looks awesome and I really like how it turned out, It turned out GREAT. I will add more widgets pages and others to make my blog better.

Anyways see you in the next post and remember always that if the shoe were on the other foot you would walk away awkwardly.