InS 9 – How Does Memory Work

When neurons and neurotransmitters start communicating through synapses, the connections between them get stronger which leads to a creation of memory. LTP (long term potentiation) is the strengthening of the activated synapses. It happens when neurons are communicating at an elevated rate without increased stimulation from neurotransmitters. Therefore when strong LTP is lost, it can lead to cognitive loss and impairment. This is because the brain deteriorates when the synapses are not stimulated. According to William Griffith, the argument about how memory is consolidated and retrieved is vast and there are still more research that needs to be done to fully comprehend.

InS 9 – Nature vs Nurture

Nature VS Nurture debate focuses on the question of whether if our behaviour, personalities and our individuality is shaped by our family genes, inheritance which is the Nature or our environment, society, and culture which is the Nurture. And here, I believe that none of our traits can be one sided, either nature or nurture.

According to the findings of the Cambridge studies, most of the adults give toys that ‘suits’ the children’s gender or genders that they look like they are. When little boys were wearing girl’s clothes, the adults completely believed that they are girls and gave dolls and same for girls dressed as a boy. This study shows that us humans have gender stereotypes and naturally encourages the young ones to act like how they should which supports the idea that our behaviours and personalities are shaped by Nurture.

However, when they did another research on monkeys using toys, it showed that our behaviours can come from our natural instincts. When the monkeys got toys, girls showed interests in the dolls and boys in the trucks and cars.

Overall, it is impossible to clearly identify and explain our behaviours scientifically but one thing that is sure is that genes and family traits can not exceed our effort (nurture).

Reflection On First Weeks

During the first two weeks of my first year in YIS, it didn’t take me very long adapting to new environment. I learned what some of the teachers expect from us with the assignments and remembered when classes end or other basic informations.

The highpoint of this week was making new friends, meeting new friends and getting to join new activities including ensemble and some service activities because I never got to join activities at my previous school. The low point was when I couldn’t remember some of the teacher’s and student’s names, but it is getting better. Another low point was when I had to manage and remember passwords for all the new accounts such as veracross, gmail, and others.

I’m planning to organise myself to complete homework tasks this year by trying my best to complete as much as work I can during class and use reminder app that is on my computer and my phone to have a list of homework or task and the due date.