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Science 10 – Asthma

      According to WHO, 235 million people worldwide suffer from asthma (WHO). It is a chronic lung disease in which the airways get inflamed and swollen with extra mucus. Less air can flow into the lungs and cause… Continue Reading →

InS 9 – How Does Memory Work

When neurons and neurotransmitters start communicating through synapses, the connections between them get stronger which leads to a creation of memory. LTP (long term potentiation) is the strengthening of the activated synapses. It happens when neurons are communicating at an… Continue Reading →

InS 9 – Nature vs Nurture

Nature VS Nurture debate focuses on the question of whether if our behaviour, personalities and our individuality is shaped by our family genes, inheritance which is the Nature or our environment, society, and culture which is the Nurture. And here, I… Continue Reading →

Reflection On First Weeks

During the first two weeks of my first year in YIS, it didn’t take me very long adapting to new environment. I learned what some of the teachers expect from us with the assignments and remembered when classes end or… Continue Reading →

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