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Field Studies Reflection | Elena

From the field studies in Phuket Thailand, I learned the coral reefs not only in Phuket but all around the world are in danger and are slowly dying. If we don’t do anything about it, we won’t have any healthy corals left in the ocean. I also learned that in groups, you really have to work…

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Comedy Timeline | Elena

In drama class, we have been learning about comedy, mostly physical comedy. We learned many ways of over exaggerating our body to make the scene funny and the characters funny. I’m going to be talking about the different eras of comedy. Enjoy! Ancient Greek Comedy  Ancient Greek comedy was split up into 3 parts. Old comedy, middle…

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How Does Perspective Change Our Understanding Of The World? | Elena

In English class, we have been learning over the past few weeks about this question. We read the book, “The Outsiders.” This made me realise a lot of things and I learned a lot about perspectives and stereotypes. I used to not have big ideas on this topic and I just thought depending on where…

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Unit 4 Reflection Spanish | Elena

This unit, I think I gained more confidence in making sentences and trying new things. I learned a lot of new vocabulary about having a healthy life, I learned about commands and I also learned about how to give people advice in different ways. The best way that I found to study was doing the…

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Unit 3 Reflection Spanish | Elena

I have learned many new things in Spanish this unit. It was a very challenging unit because of the complex things we studied that we have not studied before. In this unit, I learned how to conjugate words to make them into the past tense. This has been extremely helpful when doing a writing task….

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3 Things I Am Most Proud Of In Spanish | Elena

The first thing I am most proud of in Spanish this unit is communication and being able to write fully what I’m trying to say without the need of translation. For example, for blog posts at the beginning of the year, it was hard to write full complete sentences with the vocabulary I know so…

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PTS Conference Reflection Questions | Elena

My strength in Spanish are the oral tests and making sentences in Spanish then communicating it. My weakness is trying to understand context and break down what it’s about. I am studying by putting new vocabulary and vocabulary I’m struggling with into Quizlet and test myself with that. I do this every couple days for…

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