Elevator Character Scene

Overall, the elevator assessment went not so bad but not wonderful for my group. There were many ups and downs and there were times when we had different opinions and had a little argument. However, I think that our characters worked well together because each one of us had very different characters and we managed to work well. My character is a business woman who worked in a company and her boss is overly strict with time and fires anyone who was late for work or meetings. Because of having a boss like that, my character is obsessed with time and a little crazy about it. She even counts the seconds and minuets so she would not lose her job. When the elevator stops, she gets depressed because she knows that she is going to be late. When it starts moving, she is very happy to find out that she has around one minutes before her meeting so she runs out of the elevator. I think I was able to show these changes in our scene so I think that it went fine for my character.


In the elevator scene I used things that we learned in class. For example, I used stereotype in creating the character. My stereotype of a business woman was that she was very punctual and is always full of scheduled meetings and work. I exaggerated this stereotype and made my character obsessed and crazy with time. I think that I was able to exaggerate enough to show that my character was a little crazy.

I also used displayed attitude in the scene, especially when the elevator stopped and when it started moving. When the elevator stopped, I displayed my attitude that my character was depressed by crouching down and mumbling to herself. When the elevator started moving, I showed that she was happy by standing up quickly and smiling. By displaying attitude, I was able to tell the audience exactly how my character felt at each time and I think that helped the audience understand the scene more.

My character also had motivation which was to be not late for her meeting. I showed this by always checking the time and counting the minutes and seconds. I also tapped my foot when waiting for the elevator and paced around the elevator to show that my character was very obsessed with time.

Finally, I thought of the vocal delivery. When the elevator stopped and my character got depressed, I used small voices. When the elevator started moving and my character got happier, I used bigger voices. Also, when the elevator stopped I used a voice that was pessimistic and negative, and when the elevator started moving, I used an optimistic and positive voice. Thinking about vocal delivery made me think of what exactly my character thought at that time and that helped me understand and make my character.


I made a lot of progress during the unit. Before the unit I was very scared of acting in front of an audience. I was embarrassed and I was not good at acting to start with. However as the unit went on, I realised that I did not have to be scared and that everyone was at least a little bit scared, like me. Then I felt like I can do it and I was able to act in front of an audience. I also learnt how to work well together with people. At the start there was a person in my group who I have never been in a group with and I was not sure I would be able to work well together as a team but I was able to work well in the end because I learnt how to collaborate during the unit. There were many challenges I faced during the unit as well. For example, I had to change my character a few times so that I would speak more in the scene. At first I was a student at university, then I was a person who had part time jobs and finally I became the business woman I am now. Another challenge was that my character was so different from me. I am not obsessed with time as much as my character is. It was hard to act someone different from me because I can only imagine what she would feel and do and not know exactly what she would do. Therefore it was hard to act but I think I managed the best I can. Lastly, during the unit, there was some arguments between the group members. It was not anything big, but there were arguments. However we were able to solve everything in the end by talking to each other and coming up with the best solution. I have a lot of places of improvements too. I could have acted better and be more persuasive. My acting was okay but not brilliant so I would like to improve on that. As I look at the video now, I realise that there are many times when I was not looking directly at the audience so I would like to make eye contact with the audience next time. I would also like to use bigger voices because in the video there were places that was hard to hear. Moreover, I would like to be confident or at least look confident. In the scene, I look as I felt, which was a little bit scared, and does not look confident so I would like to improve that as well.

I would like to use the challenges and mistakes that I had during the unit and learn from it so that I would not repeat my mistakes the next time. I would also like to improve on what I have wrote earlier and be a better actor.

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