Persuasive Speech

I did a persuasive speech on junk food in drama class. There were many things that I felt before and during the speech. Before the speech I was nervous but as I started and continued, I felt more confident. I also think that the palm cards really helped me. While I was doing the speech, there were times when I forgot the word and got lost, but I looked at the palm card and got the idea of what I was talking about. There were also things that I did well and things that I could improve on. Firstly, I think that I was able to maintain eye contact with the audience. I tried to look at the audience and only look at the palm cards when necessary. Secondly, I think I was able to organise the speech well, with intro, key points and conclusion. However there are many things that I could improve on and these are, to project my voice, to flow the speech more consistently and pronunciation of words. I think my voice was a little small at first and could have been projected more. To flow my speech more consistently, I could practice more so I know exactly what I will say and don’t get lost. Lastly to pronounce words more clearly, I could also practice more.


There are many times and events in my life that I could use persuasive speech in my life. For example in job interviews. I would have to persuade the instructor why I should get the job. Also, persuasive speech can be used when raising an awareness about an issue. I would have to tell people how that issue is an issue that must be fixed and tell them how it can be fixed. I would have to be very persuasive so that people will understand and help the issue the way they can. As you can see, there are many times and events in my life when I can use persuasive speech.


There were many things that I learnt about persuasive speech in this unit. I learnt that knowing how to structure my speech is one of most useful and important thing for speech. This is because the structure of a speech can make the speech more persuasive, and easy to follow and understand. If the structure was not well constructed, the speech will be jumping from one point to another and that will confuse the audience. I also learnt that it is important to be able to present my speech well. There will be a lot of difference between presenting my speech confidently and presenting  it unconfidently. The audience will not listen or be persuaded by people who are not confident. The presenter must be persuaded himself/herself and act confident even if he/she wasn’t and don’t show even made a mistake. By making a good speech and presenting it well, the audience will be more persuaded.

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