How could you grow as a public speaker?

There were many things that I learnt to grow as a better public speaker. The first thing I leaned is that eye contact is very important. It is not just to see the audience but it is to catch the audience’s attention. If you are looking at them, the audiences are more likely to pay you the attention you want. The second is that I need to act. You have to act confident, even if you are not. You have to act as if you meant it, even if you make a mistake. The last is that I need to be energetic. Loud voice, happy expression and so on. These will not only catch the audiences’ attention but they are more likely to like it. By doing these, I think that I would be able to improve more as a better public speaker.


There are many opportunities outside of drama to do a public speaking. For example in my GIN CAS. There were times when I had to talk in front of people regarding my service action, such as in assembly and in Red and White Concert. Another example is in other subjects. I did a presentation or speech in individuals and societies and Japanese. Therefore, before the next time I talk in front of people I would like to be a better public speaker.

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