Comedy Reflection

In Drama class, we learnt about comedy and we made our own comedy routine that incorporates all of what we learnt. We learnt many comedy techniques, tricks, and facts about comedy in class. However we also had two visitors. From these visitors there were many more things that we learnt. Using these knowledge and through different influences, we made our own character and, in small groups we made a comedy routine each.

There were many things that influenced the development of my character. The first influence was from Phillipe. In his lesson, he taught me about different walks; closed, open, and parallel. Since my character is an introverted character, I developed the closed walk into my character. The second influence was from activities we did in class. An example is when we worked on the walks in class. I learned to walk small steps each time for my an introverted character. Another example is from when we worked on the tricks, where I learned the table cloth pulling trick. I really enjoyed doing this, so I developed that into my character. From classes, I also learned about exaggeration to make people laugh. The last influence was from my own personality. I am already a little bit introverted to start with. Therefore, I exaggerated this and made my character a super introverted bumbling person.

We got many feedbacks from many people but, some of the feedbacks we got were not positive. An example feedback was that our comedy routine was not very funny. Since our comedy routine was repetitive, not active and not exaggerated, Ms. Erickson suggested that we do all of our movements more exaggerated and active. I tried to pur my head more into my book to make myself a more bookworm. We also made our plot so that I accidentally win the whole competition for different reasons such as sneezing. From Rene, we got the feedback that the table cloth pulling trick was not put in the routine the right way, the way that made sense. So we also tried to incorporate the table cloth pulling technique into our routine so that it will not be strange. We did this by making table cloth pulling trick a part of the audition. However we tried to do all of these, but found that our comedy routine was not funny. Therefore in the end, we changed our whole play into a completely different story. In the new story the setting is in a restaurant and I am a bumbling waitress.

I found this comedy unit very interesting. The things that I found interesting were not only the drama techniques that we learnt and Phillip’s and Rene’s visits. I also found the history, the types of comedy and tricks of making people laugh, interesting. Through this, I learnt how making people laugh is a very hard thing to do and it made me appreciate comedy more.

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