I have been learning tennis since I was small and from the beginning of High School, I have joined the school’s tennis team. The tennis season is from September to November every year and our tennis team participates in a big tournament every year and small matches against other schools. After November to before September, I play tennis in a local tennis club twice every week. In Grade 9, I was one of the girl’s doubles 2 players at the school and participated in the AISA tennis tournament. This was a tournament between four schools, Senri Osaka International School, Seoul International School, Korean International School and Yokohama International School. In the tournament, my partner and I became 5th out of all the girl’s doubles group. In Grade 10, I became the singles 3 player of the school tennis team and participated in the Kanto tennis tournament, where several schools in the Kanto plain competed against each other. In this tournament, I went to the quarterfinals of the consolation. Even though I did not get the consolation award, I was proud of how much I was able to play. In my regular practices at the local tennis school, I practice some specific skills each lesson and apply them in a game at the end of the lesson. For example, in my last tennis lesson, we learned how to return low, sliced balls. When tennis balls are sliced, it means that there is a backward spin applied to the opponent and the ball does not bounce very much. This makes it hard for me to receive the ball, especially if it is low, so the coach taught us that we should return by applying forward spin to the ball and dropping our stance so that we are level with the ball. Through this regular physical wellness practices, I am able to keep my body fit and develop my muscles as well as other body functions such as the cardiovascular systems. I believe that this is important because I am still in the midst of growing my body and having regular practices help me to grow more healthily and strongly. Moreover, these practices sometimes become a good way to release my stress and just enjoy moving my body. When I have a lot of work due and am stressed out, I can exercise and play tennis, which makes me loosen up a little and restart my work refreshed, improving my mental wellness as well. In terms of mental wellness, I also feel happy and focused when playing tennis so even if there were disappointing or sad events previously, playing tennis lifts my mood greatly. Therefore, tennis has been a great part of my life as it improves my wellness in both the physical and the mental aspects.

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    You make a connection about the long term benefits of engaging in a sport you clearly love and value. You note the relationship of physical activity and the impact it has on your own mental wellness.

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