Playing the Violin

Playing the violin is something I have started when I was young and continue to this day. Outside of the school, I take lessons with a teacher where we have a concert every year, and at school, I am a part of a string ensemble called the Tanner Ensemble. Moreover, I was part of an orchestra that played in the High School graduation ceremony. When playing individually at my lessons outside of the school, I try to interpret the songs by myself and try to play so that the notes from my violin stands out. This

is especially important when I play in the annual concerts that we have because I have to be careful so that I would be in synch with the background piano but also stand out at the same time. However, this is completely different when I play with others in an orchestra because then, I have to play so that I do not stand out compared to others and listen carefully to the melody of other instruments. I also feel like I have to follow the music sheet more closely with the dynamics, tempo, and pitch because we have to play as one. Even with these difficulties, I really like it when different instruments and different parts of the orchestra harmonizes together to create a new sound.

From these practices, I learned many skills such as the skill to adapt accordingly to the environment as well as collaboration and social skills. For example, I learned the skill to adapt accordingly to the environment because I had to change my play style depending on whether I was playing by myself or as part of an orchestra. This learning can be used in other areas of my life such switching from classes to outside classes. When I am in class, I need to make sure to listen to teachers and my peers and behave in a way that is appropriate for school. However, if I am outside of school with my friends, I can have more fun and act, however, I want to. The other skills that I developed, which are my collaboration and social skills, were mainly from my experiences playing as a part of an orchestra. Whenever I am playing with an orchestra I need to work effectively with others and listen carefully to their sound as well so that I can synchronize with them. Moreover, even when we are not playing, being in an orchestra taught me the importance of respect and engaging well with others. All these knowledge that I gained is transferable anywhere in my life, like friends, family, school, and workplace. Therefore, playing the violin not only improved my music skills but also taught me to become more adaptable to the environment and to work collaboratively with others.

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