Kindergarten Visit

We visited the kindergarteners to read and play with them. I was assigned two partners, a boy and a girl. We started off with reading the books they chose and when one of them did not have much problem reading, the other one had a little bit of a problem so I helped her out when she got stuck. After they each finished reading, I read two books that they chose for them. Finally, we played a board game together. Overall it was a very interesting experience and I had fun.

My partners were both very good communicators. When they were reading the book, sometimes there were onomatopoeias as well as words that showed emotion. When these words came up, the boy and the girl both used their voice in different ways. For example, when the woman in the book was chased off by bees the girl made a buzzing sound and the boy tried to make his voice scared for the woman. I also tried to be a communicator for them when I was interacting with them as well as when I was reading the book to them. When I read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to them, I started off normally and when the caterpillar started to get fat I slowed down, and finally when it became a butterfly I used a happy voice. From these experiences, I think we were all able to become communicators.

They were also both inquirers. When there was a word they did not how to pronounce or did not know the meaning of, they always asked me. This showed that they were very curious about learning and I think that being a curious inquirer is a very important person to be. I also tried to become an inquirer by trying to find out what my partners liked and to get to know how to interact with small children. At first, I had trouble communicating with them because they were small and even though I have a little brother it has been a long time since he was as small as them. However as we got to know each other, I found that they were very kind and friendly and overall I had a lot of fun together with them.

Finally, I also tried to become a caring person. Even though they were much smaller and was very different from me, I tried to show them some respect and empathy. I did this by not laughing or making fun of them when they got stuck on a word and listening as well as talking to them properly like I do to my friends. I think this worked well because they started to open up to me after some time and I was able to become friends with them.

Overall I really found this experience fun and interesting. I would like to visit them again. If I was to do this again, I think I would try to be a communicator, an inquirer, and a caring person like this time, but I would also like to be thinkers to think of other fun things to do with them.

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