Nature vs. Nurture

In Individual and societies class, we’ve been learning about nurture and nature and the differences between them. In class, I have learned from Mr.Mckeown that nature is something that you have from when you were born. Like your hair color, or eye color. On the other hand, nurture is something you learn and gather information throughout the process of your life. This may be something like learning how to whistle or learning how to juggle a soccer ball.

According to the Cambridge study, many people or parents tend to give the boys the cars and hard toys where on the girls, the parents would give the dolls and the softer toys. This affects the way the kids act because of the way they are nurtured and was given to play with when they were little. The boys assume that they are supposed to play with the car toys and the girls assume that they are supposed to play with dolls because they were given these toys when they were young.

According to the Hines studies from Cambridge university, the boy monkeys picked up more boy toys than girl monkeys who picked up many of the girl’s toys. This was because the boy monkeys like the toys with big movement and motion which are the cars and trucks. Where the girl monkeys like to play with the dolls and the brighter colored toys.

According to scientists and the experiments that I just mentioned, nurture plays a big role in the behavior that humans have. But now that we have seen how the monkeys react to the toys, the scientist now predicts that nature also plays a big role in the behavior as much as the nurture.

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