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Adam Gidwitz – Author Visit

September 24, 2013 by 20maliks   

Author Visit

On September 23th Adam Gidwitz came to our school. He is the author of these three books. A  Tale Dark and Grimm, The glass Grimmly,  and The Grimm Conclusion. Adam Gidwitz came to our school and told us a story called the Juniper tree and I liked the part were the mom gets killed.

From this experience I learned that you right a title after you finish the book.I liked that we got to be able to get advice about how to right a story. We made a story of ay thing. We got this plan sheet. On the plan sheet that we got from Adam Gidwitz asked us to right a Hero, Setting, Problem, Adventure, Biggest Problem and Happy Ever After. We wrote 1 thing  then said it out load and got feeback. I really liked getting feedback because it was very useful.


A Tale Dark and Grimm,Ia Glass Grimmly, and The Grimm Conclusion - Adam Gidwitz



  1. guenthera says:

    “I liked the part were the mom gets killed.” !!! Good description overall, Sae! There are a couple spelling words that we can work on here, especially “right/write”. Thanks!

  2. 20maliks says:

    Thanks Mr.Guenther !!!!

  3. guest says:

    nice blog!

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