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XC Cross Country and Ekiden!

November 26, 2013 by 20maliks   

ON September 20th Our grade had Xc (Cross country) I was not prepared for thisbut I think that i did a good job


My race started at 12 am and we ran 2 laps around negishi park. There were a lot of hills so it was kind of hard to run. During the 1 lap I saw some teachers taking photo’s and cheering us on. This made me feel a lot better.

6th Grade did it with Boys and Girls mixed. I Think that Running with boys is easier because if you run with only girl then for me it sort of boring.I came in 15th place out of the whole grade and 3rd in the girls. My Time was 12 mins 54 secounds. This is my personal recored! But only the first two people get to go to a special tokyo race :(But if the 2nd place person does not wanna go then maybe I can go:)But anyway. After our race we had I thing called Ekiden. At the Ekiden we had to run 500meters. In my team was a lot of people like Emilee ad julian . They are both in my grade so I new there name. I Think that it was kinda unfair cause we only had 10min after our race so we were really tired…Anyway. After that we had THE CEREMONY!! At the ceremony we found out wich house color won the cross country and ekiden race. No one was suprised beacause Nishi won again Even though it was cleary Higashi but who cares. So then here is the main things I remember of that Day! Please leave Comments!!!

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  1. Yuki Saito says:

    Your time was amazing!!!

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