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November 30, 2013 by 20maliks   

Hey guys today I had a soccer match today at SIS (Seisen). SIS was a really big school!In the locker rooms they had shower!!! Actual Showers! They had lockers so no one can steel things.. In our school somepeople are starting to steel things so sis is really lucky. Only that Yis has boys and girls.Sis is all girls school.


I think that today was a hard day. We had 4 games for 1 team. 1 game was 8 mins. We had to go to at motomachi station t 7:20 am. I had to leave my house at 6:40 am.. i WAS SO TIRED
Very very tired  #me #day  #girl #mood #emotion #emoji #character #cartoon #draw #paint #sketch

I was on the super man team and we lost 2 and won 1 and tied 1. I was really tired.


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