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December, 2013

  1. Not Like Them(NLT)

    December 31, 2013 by 20maliks

    So hey guys!Today is the last day of 2013!!!And I found a Really good song that is not one direction. It’s called “That Girl” The grops name is NLT Which stands for Not Like Them.


    Wrong is


    even if everyone is doing it

    Right is


    even if NO one is doing it


    December 30, 2013 by 20maliks

    Hey guys so today me and my friends Philipp and Rei. We went to the pool and had lunch and did our stuff.We took some photos so here you there are!

    This posts saying.

    Guy:Are you feeling ok?

    Girl:Yeah Im just

    Torn apart


    Really faking it

    Extremely Sad

    Drownin in my own tears.


  3. Enchanted

    December 28, 2013 by 20maliks

    Hey guys so today aI watched a Movie Called “Enchanted”It was a really good movie and I hope that if you guys saw it thought that to !I really liked it so I thought you Guys Should know about this Movie.



    This Posts Saying:

    You’re a Player nice to Meat You

    I’m The Coach.

  4. Christmas?

    December 26, 2013 by 20maliks

    Hey guys so on the 22nd me and my family had a Christmas party at my house. Me and my mom made dinner and then after we had our awesome dinner we started opening our presents and I got a pair of new running shoe’s. I was so Happy. My sister got a guitar and a skate board and heely’s. She was really happy. But on the 25th of decemeber I had a stomach ache that nearly killed me. Sadly. But now I feel a lot better and am sleeping and stalking one direction…Any way we had an awesome party and i guess we ate to much food.. I think that making all that food was worth it because it was so yummy




    I was so happy cause i also got JBL Headphones!!!!There really good plus they keep your ears really warm.There orange and they match my clothes. For my shoe’s I got nike’s Green Shoe’s.The photo under neath is a photo of my old running shoe’s  That I only wear sometimes.As I said in my about me page I Like running so I guess I ran to much and runnied my shoe’s.  I also got 2 running T-shirts to  go with my running shoe’s.


    So there it is guys! Tell me what you guys got for christmass in the coments box below!



    Saying :

    Asking a Question You Already Know The Answer to

    Just To See If the Person Will Lie


    December 15, 2013 by 20maliks

    Hey guys! So it’s Winter break and I today me and Vienna Wet to Mikanngari.We picked A lot of oranges from a tree then played Hide and seek. we had so many ornages that we had 4 boxes full of oranges.Hope you like this blog!! And Vienna’s To!Cool Right???


    December 12, 2013 by 20maliks

    HEY Guys so today I played Mine craft and I made a video! Hoped you like it! Sorry it’s so fast and Random.. Please Leave Nice Comments!!


  7. Smurf’s Invasion?

    December 12, 2013 by 20maliks

    Hey Guys! So today we had a Spirit day!

    6th Grade dressed up like Smurfs. Some of us had face paint on!!I just had a t-shirt and White spats with Jeans on. Almost everyone wore hats!I knew that everyone in our grade was wearing somthing blue! 7th Grade dressed up Like Minions. I wanted to dress up like a minion.:(

    But anyways! Hope you like my blog!

    minion ♥

    Smurfs For Sale

    Nice Comments below Please


  8. SATURDAY!????

    December 8, 2013 by 20maliks

    Hey guys! Remember Rebeca Blacks Friday Music video?Well she made another Music video:)this time it SATURDAY




  9. Pop Danthology???

    December 6, 2013 by 20maliks

    Hey guys! Wanna hear a new song? I found the next Pop danthology!

    Please like it!

  10. Create Relection

    December 6, 2013 by 20maliks

    Hey Guys I’m gonna make a blog posts based On my blog and how it looks.Hope you guys really enjoy! Please leave comments!!!


    I think that I am really happy with my blog because I said that I wanted a plain background . I think that my blog is Really simple and has a lot of widgets like the mouse and the pet hamster and dog! I think that those things are what makes a blog they way you want it to be.I think my my drawing I knew There was no blog theme like that but i could customize my blog to make it like what I want it to be.Even though i didn’t add any back round pictures i still really like how it looks!
    My 'Happy Meal' Version...
    I think that I am most proud if king posts once or 2 a week. I think  that people will like my blog better that way so it stays active. That keeps people looking at my blog:)It keeps my blog active. I think also i really like my widgets that i added. I thought that if i add to many they might get in the way of the point of my blog.Right now i add some widgets so people don’t get bored reading and they can take a break after reading my blog for a while.


    Right now this is what my blog looks like.This is what my blog’s Mouse looks like right now.I decided this  because I think it represents who I am.

    This is what my mouse looks like now

    This is what my hamster widget looks like. I choose this because it shows that I also cares for animals.


    So there you go guys! Hoped you liked this create reflection! Please leave comments!!

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