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December 6, 2013 by 20maliks   

Hey Guys I’m gonna make a blog posts based On my blog and how it looks.Hope you guys really enjoy! Please leave comments!!!


I think that I am really happy with my blog because I said that I wanted a plain background . I think that my blog is Really simple and has a lot of widgets like the mouse and the pet hamster and dog! I think that those things are what makes a blog they way you want it to be.I think my my drawing I knew There was no blog theme like that but i could customize my blog to make it like what I want it to be.Even though i didn’t add any back round pictures i still really like how it looks!
My 'Happy Meal' Version...
I think that I am most proud if king posts once or 2 a week. I think  that people will like my blog better that way so it stays active. That keeps people looking at my blog:)It keeps my blog active. I think also i really like my widgets that i added. I thought that if i add to many they might get in the way of the point of my blog.Right now i add some widgets so people don’t get bored reading and they can take a break after reading my blog for a while.


Right now this is what my blog looks like.This is what my blog’s Mouse looks like right now.I decided this  because I think it represents who I am.

This is what my mouse looks like now

This is what my hamster widget looks like. I choose this because it shows that I also cares for animals.


So there you go guys! Hoped you liked this create reflection! Please leave comments!!

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  1. Kim Cofino says:

    Great job posting frequently Sae! I agree that this is something that will set you apart from other bloggers and help your audience find ways to connect with you more frequently. Well done!

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