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January 13, 2014 by 20maliks   

House House House House Shot 2014-01-13 at 3.02.09 PM

Hey guys so In Humanities we had a Minecraft project.We had to choose a Biome.I choose



  1. Define the biome and its climate. What makes it different from other biomes?Taiga aka boreal forest.Has mostly pine ,Spruces, and Larches.It also known as the  terrestrial biome.It has a lot of swamps.It is also very cold.It seems to have alot of snow. (According to the pictures on google)I think that I would never Live there because I don’t like cold places.The house’s would be small to keep air in the house.

  2. Describe the biome’s plant and animal life. How have the plants and animals adapted to fit the biome?

The main animal that live’s in Cold Taiga is The american Black bear. The are a 220-254 pound animal.They can also run up to 25 miles per hour.They are huge bear.They have a lot of fur which would keep them warm for cold weather or place like the Taiga’s.Bears are known for eating fish and meat.Ithink.The taiga’s are really cold so I doubt thst they have fish because the lake are frozen

  1. List some good examples of places where this biome is found on the Earth.

It covers a lot of Canada and extreme parts of the States (Northern Minnesota)


  1. Describe – What real buildings are good examples of traditional life in this biome? Who built them and when? (add some pictures and sources if possible)

I think that It would be a small house because then It would be warm because there it would be easier to warm up the house. I think that maybe a person who lived in the cold taiga for a long time because then they now how big is good or how warm it can be in the house. Then maybe if they can make it a good house.


  1. Explain – what features of the building show that the people adapted to live in that particular biome?Because its very cold the have a fire place so it keeps them warm..They also have little balcony to keep there house have a little breze only once in a while.They might have 1 or 2 widows to.They would not have a falt roof cause then the snow could pile uo and fall and could hurt someone.


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