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March 17, 2014 by 20maliks   

Hey Guys so today I am going to talk about my life in tech right now and, what 6a(6th Awesome) are doing.



First of all our class critrea is The things you need to have a good tutorial and this is our things that are required to have a great tutorial.


I think to have a good tutorial you must have many things for example:

Clear Video

I think that you have to have a clear video or a  high def video because if the video is blurry people will not know what you are doing in the video or what you are saying.


I think that also if you do not have a clear voice then people might not understand you for example if you are making a cake and you said “100ml of milk” but the audience could not hear it and did not make what they wanted to make.This would make your tutorial very bad.This is a document on things you need for a good tutorial.

Sound(Background noise)

I think that if there is background noise then people will not hear what you are trying to say and I think that it is really important for people to hear what you are saying.I think that this is important because people might not hear somthing you are trying to say and might not get your tutorial and go off or change then tutorial.
I think that if you try your own tutorial then if you understand what the person is trying to say and you can do perfectly what the tutorial say’s in the tutorial then I think that you did a good job.If you get many people to test your tutorial and if they get what you want your tutorial to say then I think that you can tell that your viewer knows what you are doing.

This is my story board for my tutorial and this is how i want my tutorial to turn out.I hope I get to actually make my tutorial and I get to show it to my class as a suprise even after i leave.

I still need to learn how to make a camera to show only my hands.I need to learn this because I only want to show my hands I also want to voom .If I don’t do this then people will not see the thing that I am showing them and I want to show them and they might not get my tutorial and go off my tutorial or fail at making a paper crane

So this just about wraps it up for what we are doing in tech class I hope you guys liked this!Sadly this is my last blog post for tech


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  1. Kim Cofino says:

    I’m so bummed that you aren’t with us anymore, Sae! You have such great ideas for your tutorial!

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