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  1. My favourite Tutorial!

    January 15, 2014 by 20maliks

    Hey guys so in last weeks post there was a drawing of a peace sign right?Well if you wanna try it here it is.I wrote some of my opnions on the tutorial!


    Things that I thought was good about the tutorial!He did not draw when he was speaking so we could catch up on the drawing.He also said that we could stop the video when we feel like it then change our drawing if we felt like it.He showed us what tools we should use to create the finishing project.He also explained things simple and clear.That made it easy for everyone to understand.

    Peace Sign Drawing

    Things I disliked.

    He speeded up his shading and that was disappointing because then the finishing project does change with the shading.He didn’t show us .where he was drawing.This was not good because I think people wanted to see how he drew and try to draw like him. He didn’t explain what the should look like so people could not have a image of what they should look like.

    Things that Helped me

    It helped me notice that most of the tutorials that i watch and things I draw are manga and don’t look realistic.These kind of drawings help me draw things more realistic.It helped me to create my own drawing based on what I saw in the tutorial and can improve my collection of drawings.I think that he did a good job explaining in overall.

    So that’s it guys.This is my reflection on this hand sign tutorial.Follow for more posts alomst everyday.I hoped you liked it and subscribe for more video by him!


    Going to bed means signing out of twitter closeing the computer ,going to bed and opening the Phone.


  2. Smurf’s Invasion?

    December 12, 2013 by 20maliks

    Hey Guys! So today we had a Spirit day!

    6th Grade dressed up like Smurfs. Some of us had face paint on!!I just had a t-shirt and White spats with Jeans on. Almost everyone wore hats!I knew that everyone in our grade was wearing somthing blue! 7th Grade dressed up Like Minions. I wanted to dress up like a minion.:(

    But anyways! Hope you like my blog!

    minion ♥

    Smurfs For Sale

    Nice Comments below Please


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