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  1. Plan Reflection

    March 17, 2014 by 20maliks

    Hey Guys so today I am going to talk about my life in tech right now and, what 6a(6th Awesome) are doing.



    First of all our class critrea is The things you need to have a good tutorial and this is our things that are required to have a great tutorial.


    I think to have a good tutorial you must have many things for example:

    Clear Video

    I think that you have to have a clear video or a  high def video because if the video is blurry people will not know what you are doing in the video or what you are saying.


    I think that also if you do not have a clear voice then people might not understand you for example if you are making a cake and you said “100ml of milk” but the audience could not hear it and did not make what they wanted to make.This would make your tutorial very bad.This is a document on things you need for a good tutorial.

    Sound(Background noise)

    I think that if there is background noise then people will not hear what you are trying to say and I think that it is really important for people to hear what you are saying.I think that this is important because people might not hear somthing you are trying to say and might not get your tutorial and go off or change then tutorial.
    I think that if you try your own tutorial then if you understand what the person is trying to say and you can do perfectly what the tutorial say’s in the tutorial then I think that you did a good job.If you get many people to test your tutorial and if they get what you want your tutorial to say then I think that you can tell that your viewer knows what you are doing.

    This is my story board for my tutorial and this is how i want my tutorial to turn out.I hope I get to actually make my tutorial and I get to show it to my class as a suprise even after i leave.

    I still need to learn how to make a camera to show only my hands.I need to learn this because I only want to show my hands I also want to voom .If I don’t do this then people will not see the thing that I am showing them and I want to show them and they might not get my tutorial and go off my tutorial or fail at making a paper crane

    So this just about wraps it up for what we are doing in tech class I hope you guys liked this!Sadly this is my last blog post for tech


  2. Tutorial Investigate Refelction

    February 12, 2014 by 20maliks

    Hey Guys! Remember my blog post about how to draw a hand peace sign?Well in Tech class we made our own tutorial and I thought I should compare my favorite tutorial and the tutorial.By the way the one main diffrence is that one is a video and one is not so I will not count that as one.This is my favorite tutorial!


    In the in Investigate stage of our design plan I learned what criteria I should have in my tutorial.That means I should have a good quality video ,Clear Voice(Not  MONOTONE),I  also would like people to say that my video is Simple…


    I also commented on some other people’s blog an here they are.

    Vienna’s Blog:How to draw a Owl

    I like this tutorial because I think that she stopped at some parts so that the reader could catch up with the drawing.Then the watcher could read over there work.They also could stop the video  and fix any parts that they need to fix.Sometimes the pencil was covering the product and I thought he/she should not have covered it because then the watchers can not see the product.

    Reina’s Blog:How to make a Necklace

    I really liked this tutorial because I think that it shows What the finished product should look like and she also showed how to do most of the steps and not fast forward through everything.I think that these things are good because If you show the finished product of what the creator made so people  have an idea on what the finished product looks like.She also did a good job on not fast forwarding though things.I think that this is good because then the audience can see  how she is doing in and copy her.

    Over all I could not think of many bad things about this tutorial.




    Things That are needed for a good tutorial:

    For a good quality book I mean that I have a good quality video not blurry and It dosen’t move so much.It dosen’t move up and down.Do you see how clear this photo is? I would like to make My video this clear and cool(AWESOME).I also would like people to see it and not go “oh yah it’s ok”I would like people say things like”The video was so simple and cool”



    I also would like to have people say that my tutorial is simple.I really like simple things like this picture underneath.It’s Simple Right?It sort of looks like she is drowning right?But there is nothing around to distract from the picture.


    This was my hand tutorial that I liked and commented on on this Blog post!.



    This is my Tutorial that I made by my self!


    I think that one thing that is different:

    I think that he used more was more detailted then mine was.He explaining everything so simply like what the thing should look like.I did use picture’s to show what the app look like but I think I was not as detalied like were else you can find the app.


    I also think the we both had many steps but because we had different topics but we both stayed on topic and didn’t go off topic.I also Did not not go off topic even a little bit.
    This is my tutorial research that I did on tutotrials and what is good about them

    This document tells people what I think about this tutorials.These tutorials are how to draw tutorials.

    So this is what I think about tutorial’s and how they should be like.I also have some blog links to good tutorials for you guys to watch and comment on!I hope you like this blog post and subscribe1

  3. My favourite Tutorial!

    January 15, 2014 by 20maliks

    Hey guys so in last weeks post there was a drawing of a peace sign right?Well if you wanna try it here it is.I wrote some of my opnions on the tutorial!


    Things that I thought was good about the tutorial!He did not draw when he was speaking so we could catch up on the drawing.He also said that we could stop the video when we feel like it then change our drawing if we felt like it.He showed us what tools we should use to create the finishing project.He also explained things simple and clear.That made it easy for everyone to understand.

    Peace Sign Drawing

    Things I disliked.

    He speeded up his shading and that was disappointing because then the finishing project does change with the shading.He didn’t show us .where he was drawing.This was not good because I think people wanted to see how he drew and try to draw like him. He didn’t explain what the should look like so people could not have a image of what they should look like.

    Things that Helped me

    It helped me notice that most of the tutorials that i watch and things I draw are manga and don’t look realistic.These kind of drawings help me draw things more realistic.It helped me to create my own drawing based on what I saw in the tutorial and can improve my collection of drawings.I think that he did a good job explaining in overall.

    So that’s it guys.This is my reflection on this hand sign tutorial.Follow for more posts alomst everyday.I hoped you liked it and subscribe for more video by him!


    Going to bed means signing out of twitter closeing the computer ,going to bed and opening the Phone.


  4. Create Relection

    December 6, 2013 by 20maliks

    Hey Guys I’m gonna make a blog posts based On my blog and how it looks.Hope you guys really enjoy! Please leave comments!!!


    I think that I am really happy with my blog because I said that I wanted a plain background . I think that my blog is Really simple and has a lot of widgets like the mouse and the pet hamster and dog! I think that those things are what makes a blog they way you want it to be.I think my my drawing I knew There was no blog theme like that but i could customize my blog to make it like what I want it to be.Even though i didn’t add any back round pictures i still really like how it looks!
    My 'Happy Meal' Version...
    I think that I am most proud if king posts once or 2 a week. I think  that people will like my blog better that way so it stays active. That keeps people looking at my blog:)It keeps my blog active. I think also i really like my widgets that i added. I thought that if i add to many they might get in the way of the point of my blog.Right now i add some widgets so people don’t get bored reading and they can take a break after reading my blog for a while.


    Right now this is what my blog looks like.This is what my blog’s Mouse looks like right now.I decided this  because I think it represents who I am.

    This is what my mouse looks like now

    This is what my hamster widget looks like. I choose this because it shows that I also cares for animals.


    So there you go guys! Hoped you liked this create reflection! Please leave comments!!

  5. Plan Refelction

    November 21, 2013 by 20maliks

    Hey guys! It”s me Sae”s today I’m gonna make a blog post for tech class.


    I choose my blog theme because It’s really simple and it is really easy to find things. I think that it will represent me because it has al the color that can make people think that it is my blog.This also represents me because i think it will be convinsing for people to think that it is mine






    I think that i need to learn how to add gadgets  on my blog so that my blog will look more creative. I think that if I learn to do this and add gadgets  then my blog will look really good. It will look like I put a lot of time in my blog and that it will look really different from when I first created it september. I Want it to look really creative.








    This is how I think that my blog will represent me and how I will can improve on my blog!


    This is how I think that my blog will represent me and how I will can improve on my blog!

     I hopes you liked my blog!

  6. Investigate Reflection

    October 14, 2013 by 20maliks


    In Technology class we created our own blogs and made posts.In tech class as a class (6A) we went through a process of making a blog and a post on the blog together. We embed links from our google drive and inspiration and put then in our blog post . This is a reflection on all of the work that we did in tech class.





    My blog will show things like my passion, because I will make daily posts and my writing will be like how I right  not like someone else wrote it. I will make regular blogs posts about my passions, running, karate, and music. In the PE blog post I will write about things or post videos on youtube of what we did in class. For music, I will make a playlist and play it in the background of this blog. I will also put a link to my youtube channel’s playlist.These are how I can show my passion on my blog.

    Using what I have learned in class I can make my blog post better because I can make the pictures stand out a little bit more and make the words be able to see.If the pictures are not good people will not tell other people bout my blog. I think that if you have good pics people will think that this person is really good at blogging and that they will like my blog. I can also put things that I did on my drive and embed it on to a blog post because Ms. Coffino told us how to.



    For my blog to be organized it will show folders for all my classes and my homework that I can post and blog. It makes it easier for people to see and easier to find thing. It will make more and more people like my blog and share it with other people. I can also make sure that before all my posts that I put them in categories.

    Using what I have learned in class I can make my blog post better because I can make the pictures stand out a little bit more and make the words be able to see.

    These are some criteria

    -Good pictures0- If the pictures  are  not good people will not tell other people bout my blog. I think that if you have good pics people will think that this person is really good at blogging and that they will like my blog.

    -Standing out colors- If I have a dark back round and dark text font then it will be hard for people to read it & people will not like your blog.

    -Having things in organized places {Categories}- If I don’t have things in categories it would be hard for people to see all my blog posts if i had 20 blog posts and I did not put them in categories then they had to scroll to the bottom and not be a good blog.


    In the end, I have learned all these new things that I didn’t know before making our blog and brainstorming. I think that my blog will look much better that it would have been if I didn’t learn these things in tech class.


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