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  1. Thoughts On Last Year…

    January 19, 2014 by 20maliks

    Hey Guys!!It’s finally 2014! It’s that year of the horse if you know what that means.If not I am gonna tell you!The horse year is one of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in theChinese zodiac related to the Chinese Calendar.This year is 2014 so I am turning 12!yeepi!So I thought that I can Tell you guys what I thought about 2013 in general!

    What Changed about me!

    I think that I learned that Hard work really pays off because I practiced really hard for X-Country.And I became 3rd in the girls and 15th total!in the past years I never won a medal but when I became 3rd in the 6th grade race I won a medal! I in spanish I practiced a lot and got 100%.




    Goals for this year!

    Goal #1

    Swimming:To practice turing in swimming.

    I quit swimming 2 years ago in 2012.I did a time race and cleared so I quit.Now that I don’t swim every week I practice swimming by my self twice a month.I have to practice turning at the end of the lane.The befits for this is that I can learn to swim faster then before.I would like to achive this goal by the end of this year.2014 december.The steps I take to achive this is every time I go swimming and I actually swim to practice turning. At least  1 hour.


    Goal #2

    Running:This year I would like to practice for X-C more than I did in last year.

    I did well this year and even got a medal but didn’t get to go to the Tokyo race.So next year I want to try harder and get 2nd place and get to go to the tokyo race.I was 3rd place this year.This is my medal from last year!


    Sourse:My computer

    Bronze Medal!!!

    Next year I really want to get 2nd place medal and go to the tokyo race! The befits of this goal are I become more fit and healthy,I also get to surprise some people!.I would like to achieve this goal by the next cross country.Obviously.I would like to achive this goal by.. practice every 2 weeks 2.6 k and ran as fast as I could.doggy#!!!!!





    Half of me energy wasted on random knowledge


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