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Hey my name is Sae . And I am gonna make this page all about my self..First I am gonna talk about things that I like. My favorite things in Life are: Running and listening to music. When I mean running I don’t like competition like Cross Country I like just running by my self. I also like to listen to music when I run. The type of music I like to Listen is pop music or bubblegum pop. My favorite artist are The wanted and One Direction. And Yes I am a Directioner…I Have been In YIS for 8 years including this year. I am 11 years old and half japanese and canadian. I have a younger sister in 3rd grade. she is 8 years old. She takes dancing lessons. She is my only sibling


Outside of School I do Karate. I have done Karate for 7 years. I have won 6 trophies. I was 2nd place twice and 1st place 4 times!! This year I fought in the all japan tournament. In the tournament was only girls from  all around Japan. There 25 people in 1 tournament. They said that the adults fight ( finals) will be on TV. For some reason I thought it said All the matches will be on TV So i was kind of sad when I only Saw the adults Fights.

My Best Friends are:



Hyun Seo




They are just pure awesome.They are there for me when I need them and always support me. They are really friendy and super nice. Somtimes we make fun of eatch other.

The things I like Love food are:

Cheese Burger @ Pazzo's Cucina Italiana
I have some food allegers like peanuts. I am allergic to peanuts but i dont like nuts so i ddont eat anything with nuts in it.I think that having an allergy to peanuts is not so good.If you live in america then they have peanuts in cookies browines ETC. I think Peanuts are the most heathliest nuts so It’s not so good to be allergic to peanuts.Sadly 25,700 people in thier life time has been diagnosed with a peanut allergy. I guess I’m one of them :(.


I also used to do swimming. I think that swimming was good for me until It got really boring and I had to change school cause we moved.I only once joined a competition and became 2nd place. I started it because I had Asthma. It’s also not good to have Asthma because while you’re playing sports you could suddenly get an asthma attack and not play for along time. Now i don’t wake up in the morning and cough It only happens when I play sports for to long.

I also want to talk about my favorite song. Yes it is a One Direction song:). I love One direction but this is one of there covers. Sadly:(. Evene though this is a cover this is my favorite song by 1D The song Is Tennsge Dirtbag.THIS HAS BAD WORDS… Sorry:(

Teenage Dirt-Bag- One Direction

The last thing That I want to say Is that i really like to Run. I usually run 2 a week. Sometimes 3 times. I was on the school Cross country team. We had a meet every saturday at tama hills. On the bus I usually sat with my friend Hana.E(Click here to see her blog:). We were really loud. At the cross country at school I Trained a little bit and I was 15th place. I was really happy! I was 3rd in the girls :):)!


So that’s it guys!  These are the things that I thought that you guys might like!If you liked this please leave a comment  below!:). I Hoped that you guys really liked it:)




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