My Favorite Tutorial

The first one is my favorite magic tutorial

There are three reasons why this is my favorite tutorial.

One of the reason that this is my favorite tutorial is because the person edited the video and made the video look cool and interesting to me. For example the cuts. His face move in to a different angle and started talking. This is one of the part I like because it will make me get interested in it.

The second reason I like it is because the person told what he is going to do before he will start the tutorial. This made me easy to decide if I will watch the video or not.

The third reason is because he used cool adjectives. This made me get really interested and focused on the tutorial.

I also have another tutorial that I like as well

There are two reason I also like this tutorial.

The first reason is that the camera was steady. This made me like it a lot because I could focus on the tutorial really well. If the camera was not steady I would not want to watch it.

The second reason is because the person said you do it like that then like this. This made me like the tutorial because I can know how you do it visually which will make me understand the magic really well.



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  1. I learned 4 new easy self-working tricks and how to do it. I also learned how to make other people believe by just paper or a key and more!!
    I think this video was really clear and easy to look. I also think that The voice was projecting well.
    I think this guy was really fast at talking that sometimes it was really diffucult to listen what he was saying. I think he should have talked more slowly.

  2. I learnt a magic trick about how to make a pice of wooden stick vanish and reappear, how to scare your friends by destroying your phone and how to have a blister on any of your fingers when ever you want. Also a trick about a kind of inappropriate thing for me, which I’m not going to mention a lot.

    I think his cut editing technique was really good. It’s good because it makes the video more interesting and enjoyable. Like he is sitting here right now and in the very next second, he went out from the left of the video. He briefly explained about what he will be teaching in this video. It’s really good and important because makes the viewer easy to make their decision whether if they watch interested in thins. And I also like the way he talks, it’s really interesting. That’s good because it can attracts the viewer’s attention.

    I think he should add some background music. It’ll be better because it can make the video even more enjoyable. I think he also needs to talk a little bit slower. That’s not really good because sometimes it’s hard to hear and make people confused.

  3. I think this is a very good tutorial because I learned 4 very good magic tricks and they are simple to do such as you have a paper simple phone and you talk and somebody is very bad to you you can burn it or rip the paper.
    It Is a very good tutorial because it are pretty simple tricks and you can d them also very simple. He also speaks clearly and explains well how the trick works.
    the things he could improve on is that he sometimes repeats what he said and that is sometimes annoying.

  4. I learned that doing a magic trick or a prank you need to set it up. This tutorial is good because the creator tells step by step on what to do to do the trick how. The creator should of told us what you shouldn’t do to not fail the trick.

  5. I learned that doing a magic trick, you need to set the trick up to complete it. It makes it a good tutorial because he tells us step by step to make sure we do it all right so that the trick works. The creator should of made it do it on a person so we know how to react to the audience.

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