My Tutorial is Done

Hello guys,

I have finally made our annual tutorial. My tutorial is about how to make strawberry milk shake. Please enjoy. 


In the past few weeks I have been making a tutorial. I am going to tell you how my tutorial meets the class criteria. Class criteria is a criteria that we made and agreed with our classmates.I think that my tutorial meets the class criteria step-by-step. The class criteria step-by step is when the steps are taught one step at a time. I think it fits my tutorial because I used the words “then” and “after you do this” so the viewers could understand the steps easily. I think the class criteria label also meets my tutorial. Label is when you put captions, keywords and subtitles of important things that you need to remember. For example my tutorial at the ingredients part it said how much the ingredient is needed. I put this because how much you need the ingredient is super duper important. I also think the class criteria tips & trick meets my tutorial. In my tutorial I said “the tip is to put in honey at the very last because it might stick to the container.”

I think the class criteria materials also goes into my tutorial. I put what ingredients you need to make a strawberry milkshake in my tutorial. I know that my tutorial meets the class criteria credits because of course my tutorial has a credit slide showing who helped me.


Now I am going to tell you about what new ideas I got that extended and pushed my thinking in new ways.

I watched Liam’s tutorial. It was about making tonkatsu. Suddenly I got a new idea. I noticed that changing the camera angle might make the tutorial easier to watch. I thought using this might be good.

I watched William’s tutorial. It was about making cartoon. I found a great idea. I could change my voice from low to high. I think I can do this and make my tutorial funny and interesting.

I watched James’s tutorial. It was about how to kick a curveball in soccer. I thought of a great idea. Instead of saying the steps why don’t I write step 1 step 2 so that the viewer can see.

I think during the process of making my tutorial everything was challenging and extended my thinking on how I can make a good tutorial. I also think that I learned new things. For example I learned that you can make something go fast forward or slow motion if you want to.

I also think that Mrs. Cofino made me think more. She made me think what can make my tutorial better every time. She always gave me good advise. She told me that you should use the same font for every tittle. I think this was a great way to extend my thinking.


At last I am going to tell you about what I want to learn more.

I think that using the i-movie is still challenging and I want to learn more techniques and awesome ways of using i-movie. For example how to crop pictures. For me talking clearly is one of the hardest and challenging things to do. When I am in front of someone and I am embarrassed I can’t talk smoothly. I also can’t talk clearly when I record my voice over. I think I should practice on this.

Also don’t forget to do this survey and rate my tutorial.


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8 Comments on “My Tutorial is Done
  1. Hello bro!

    I like how you wrote the steps on the bottom while you explained it. I like how it was really clear and was easy to follow the steps. It was good that you didn’t make any mistakes when you were explaining. I also like how you showed the finished product first. It looked soooo yummy!

    I learned that you need honey!!!! I thought it was sugar! I learned that it’s really simple if you follow the steps. I wanna drink it!!!!

    You did well on everything except when you showed the milk. You should write how much like you did to the others.

  2. hi kenryo

    First I liked your tutorial very much but you could say how much milk because I did not know how big the cup was. I thold the same I thold it was sugar.and you can say thanks with a voice over?

    I hope you can make it for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Hey Kenryo!

    Your tutorial is outstandingly great. I liked how you explained each step very clear and detailed. It was really easy to understand what you were saying because your voiceover was added after you filmed. The descriptions on the bottom of the screen helped me know about what was happening at the moment. The straberry milkshake looked delicious and mad me want to make it.

    I learned that it’s important to add honey as much as you want so that you can match it with your choice and have a milkshake you prefer to drink.

    Overall, I think it was great! I think you could’ve told some better advice and introduced what kinds of people could make the milkshake. But I think it was good to choose this topic for your tutorial.

  4. Hey Kenryo

    I really liked your blog because you had a really funny part. (When you put in 4-6 table spoon of honey inside the strawberry shake.) I liked how you showed the steps step by step which made it easier for me to understand the steps. You showed me the finish product (The strawberry milk shake) first so that it makes me want to see your tutorial. The camera angle was extremely good for example in the part you showed your ingredients I could see all of the ingredients. The part that I was most impressed was when you showed a lot of tips in your video. Which gives the viewers a lot more easier to follow the steps in the video.

    I learned how to make a strawberry milk shake. Now I can make the strawberry milk shake by myself.

    Next time you should use some fast forward in your tutorial. This will help the viewers to not become board.

    Over all I think your tutorial is really good and thank you for commenting on my tutorial!!!

  5. One
    1.I liked the way he said I gonna add more HONEY!!!
    2.I liked the said the egredients.
    3.I like the music he played in the back round.
    1.I learned that you can use honey and a mixer.
    2.I learned how to make a milk shake.
    Three the end his voice got quiet so i coun din’t hare.

  6. Awesome! So glad to hear that our conversations were helpful during the editing process, Kenryo! It’s also great to see the way the other students inspired you. I hope you continue to make tutorials – this one was fantastic!

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