Comparing Japan and Cambodia

Birth Rate
The birth rate of Japan lowers from 2 per woman to 1 per woman from 1960 to 2012. Although, in Cambodia, the birth rate was 7 per woman in 1960. But gradually lowers to 3 in 2012.

Population growth
Japan’s population growth is constantly the same but in Cambodia, the population growth changes a lot. It lowers a lot in the 1970’s when they had a war against Vietnam.

Infant mortality
Both countries Japan and Cambodia gets a lower Infant mortality as time goes by. Although, Japan has way less children dying then in Cambodia.

GDP per capita
Cambodia has a low GDP per capita. From 1800 to 1950, it increases constantly but very slowly. After 1950, it starts to increase and tries to catch up with the MEDC but it is still the LEDC. Although, Japan Is high in GDP per capita now, it used to be as low as brazil. But as time passes, it grows slowly. It suddenly becomes low in 1945. This is because japan lost world war 2 and the country had very less money.

Fertility rate
In 1800 Japan starts off having 4 children per woman, and Cambodia having 7 children. As time goes by Japan increases the amount of children per woman until the 1860’s when the emperor of Japan changed. The fertility rate of Japan suddenly grows in 1945 because they surrendered world war 2.  Cambodia maintains the number of 7 from 1800 to the 1960’s. Then it starts to lower slowly trying to catch up with the MEDC.

Life expectancy
The life expectancy of Japan used to be very low but is starts to grow slowly. suddenly gets extremely low in 1945 when the atomic bomb got dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But after the world war 2, it starts to grow back becoming the top of all the countries. Cambodia in the other hand, gets low when Lon Nol becomes dictator of the country until the 1970’s. They have a war against Vietnam. In 1978 it starts growing rapidly until 1985 when Hun Sen becomes the prime minister. Many people became refugees he was the prime minister.

Overall Japan is more developed than Cambodia. Japan is a MEDC country and Cambodia is a LEDC country. At around 1800, Japan and Cambodia used be in the same part of the graph. But as time goes by, Japan develops faster than Cambodia.


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on “Comparing Japan and Cambodia
One Comment on “Comparing Japan and Cambodia
  1. I think your researching was great, and I agree with most of your data. To improve you could add pictures of the graphs so people can compare the years. For example, to compare the GDP per capita, you can add the pictures of Japan and Cambodia’s graphs from 1800-1950, 1945, and 2012 to show the difference between the 2 countries, which might make it easier to see and understand the data. I think you could have also included conclusions to show what you have learned or noticed throughout this. Your blog post has good info and I think it is good.

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