Spanish: Unit 3 Reflection

In past unit, I was able to learn new things and develop many skills in Spanish. Firstly, I have learnt how to use indirect, direct and reflexive pronouns. I used to just repeat the nouns but now I can use these pronouns to make my sentences more advanced. Secondly, I learnt how to use past, future and conditional tense. Now I am able to write diaries where I need to use past tense. Thirdly, I was able to get better and learn varieties of transitions. Now my sentences flow better and make more sense. Lastly, I learnt new expressions. I used to never use expressions. But as we started this unit, I was able to learning new expressions, but also was able to use them in sentences.

One question I have is, what is the best way to study my vocabularies? This is because I feel like I don’t study effectively. My other question is, what are we expected to know right now? I want to know this so that I can study the parts where I need to catch up.

Overall, most things went well for me. I was able to have more time studying Spanish at home. I was able to try new transitions when I did the diary project. I tried to expand my vocabularies and learn more verbs. I was able to participate a lot in class discussions and ask lots of questions. Although, I think I need to focus a little more in class and stop chatting with my friends.

My goal is to learn new vocabularies frequently at my house so that I don’t need to rush and study the night before an assignment. I think this is needed because then, I can learn better and don’t need to get upset for assignments. Another goal I have is to focus more and not chat about irrelevant things during class. This is going to be a little hard for me, because my friends are really fun to talk to and I might get off track easily.


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  1. I recommend that you study 15-20m. every other day. Use sites like Quizlet to make studying vocabulary more fun. Review the unit overviews for each unit and ensure you know that material. Also study the top 100 words and 100 verbs that are on the blog.

  2. Hi!! I don’t know why but I felt like looking at people’s blog…,lol

    I don’t have Skype anymore for Highschool exam and it suckes because I can’t contact anyone ?

    Do you remember me?

    Your blogs cool by the way

    • Ofcource I remember you.
      We should contact each other. lol. Do you use instagram or anything that we can text each other?
      You should come to food fair some day.
      Anyways good luck with your exams.

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