GCD Reflection Personal Goal: Personal Project

Personal Project was a great opportunity to get out of my comfort zone.

My personal project was about how people can rely on food instead of medicine to maintain physical and mental health. I set a goal to create a booklet in order to teach adults for food they should eat when they have certain symptoms. This goal was relevant for me because I always had interest on this topic and I was influenced from my mother who was a pharmacist. My goal was certainly challenging for me because, although it was a topic I desired to learn about, I had very little prior knowledge about it, and therefore, I needed to do a lot of research. Throughout the research, there were many of jargons and it took a lot of time to understand. In addition to the research, I had very little skills and knowledge to design and create a booklet, and thus this goal made it very challenging, however engaging.

Secondly, I have created a thorough plan that I based my whole project on. My action plan contained many important aspects such as the time I will spend on each step, materials I need, and the deadlines. These informations were necessary in order to be organized and to know what I will be doing in the next several months. I was able to adjust my plan accordingly to myself and set personal due dates that are several days earlier to the final due dates because I knew I procrastinate a lot.

After creating a plan, I have done a lot of work. I have researched through many methods such as online websites, hard copy books, and through interviewing. I have email interviewed several Japanese Medical Associations. Interviewing has extended my confortzone as it was something very new to me. In addition, I was able to translate between English and Japanese, and it was very accomplishing after I got several replies. Through the process of creating my product I managed to improve my designing skills as I was able to make my  booklet very visually appealing. I added cliparts and different colors to make it stand out.

By the very end of the project, I finished and was able to create a booklet that contained information on food to maintain and cure, physical symptoms, mental illnesses, and seasonal diseases.

I think my booklet was overall successful because during the exhibition, all my booklets were gone and people complimented my work. I created a survey regarding how useful, clear and interesting my booklet is and more than 90% of the people had a positive response. Having a survey has helped me evaluate my product and seek improvements with it.

Overall, personal project has helped me become very organized and systematic. I think the main reason why my product was successful is because I was able to plan well beforehand.


A screenshot of a page of my product

Reflection written on February 21, 2018

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