GCD Reflection: Community Engagement, Kunmouin

At the beginning of grade 10, I started visiting a place called Kunmouin (訓盲院) once every week with my friend William. Kunmouin is an orphanage 10 minutes away from my house by walk. It not only takes care of regular orphans but also orphans that are mentally disabled. Every Sunday, I meet the children who are around my age and we play outside in the playground. I had no supervisor nor an adult to go there with me but my friend and I went there because we thought we could help those children in someway. We tried to be responsible with our actions and set a goal to meet every Sunday from 3 – 4 pm. However, some weeks we cannot visit together because either of us is busy on that day. I think I know our visits are bringing a positive effect towards the children there because when we cannot visit them, the following week they would ask us desperately why we did not come. This makes us realize that we mean a lot to the children and how our visits are worthy. We have the responsibility to continue visiting because we should not end this bond we have created with the children. Although not all visits are consistently fun, I get to learn so much from them such as the importance of having a community and realize how I am privileged to have a family. It has been an year since I started visiting the orphanage and I am still putting an effort to meet up with my friend every Sunday. I will definitely continue visiting the orphanage until I graduate YIS. My future goals are to invite my other friends to go to the orphanage with us because I want to spread awareness but also to make them encounter this fruitful experience.

Me playing soccer with the children

Written: August 2 2018

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