GCD Reflection: Wellness

My sports life has affected me positively throughout this year in grade 10. I ran 5 km frequently around my house. I did this because I had cross country season and I wanted to improve my physical performance. However, this became a habit later on and I continued running at least once a week. This helped me manage my stress but also my academics. Running allowed me to forget about my homework which supported me mentally. It taught me that I need to take a rest from work by doing things I like. At the same time, I realised that running in the morning helps my brain be active at school. Running helped me focus on studying and I did not get as sleepy in school then I used to be. I also think running in the morning helped my sleeping routine and daily habits because I was able to be tired not just mentally but physically by the end of the day, which made me get to sleep early, and consequently make me wake up early. I also realized the importance of consuming a healthy diet and having good sleep. There were some days when I did not eat as much for dinner or I had a lot of homework and I slept at midnight. The runs I did the next morning tend to always be so tiring and I was not able to perform my 100%. It was also tiring mentally in school that day and I was not able to concentrate during class. From this experience, I was able to learn how my mental health and physical health are connected strongly and when either one is not going well, it has a negative effect towards the other health.

Running also helped me maintain my body shape. This helped me with my performance with my other sports seasons such as basketball and soccer because I was able to keep my endurance. For every sports season, I joined a sport team which made me be very active and be physically healthy. My participation in sports also affected my social wellbeing. I was able to know and become friends from different teams. Especially in cross country and soccer season where I went to AISA in Korea. I did a homestay with a KIS student called Daewon for cross country and a SIS friend called Brian for soccer. I was especially able to meet with Daewon several times after the cross country season, which was a great experience.

Overall, through sports, especially running, I was able to maintain and improve my physical, mental and social wellness and I would like to continue benefiting from this.

Me at AISA Cross Country 2017 in KIS

Written: June 8 2018


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