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Hello my name is Kenryo. I would like to tell you about my hobbits and information about my life. This might not be the exact information but I would like to try my best on telling you. I live in Japan. I have a sister and an brother. My brother is stupid because he can’t study. My sister is smart and sometimes helps me with my homework. I also have a dog. Right now I am in a school called YIS. Before coming to YIS I was in a school called Saint Maur International School. I have many friend from many different places.

Kenryo mori

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My passion is to play the guitar. I play it every day so that I can get better. I am not good at playing it but I would want to be a professional when I grow up.

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My weakness is when I am on the computer I always get distracted. Also I always get upset when I get stressed or get stuck on something. In front of the teacher I sometimes say words that I am not supposed to say for example instead of saying hello I will say whats up.

My other passion is soccer. I love soccer because it is AWESOME. Also because I can use my energy in it and, playing it makes me happy and keeps me fit.

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I have many kinds of food that I love such as pizza, sushi, Ice cream, cookies, ramen and so on….


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