Grade 6

My Goals

1) My goal is to become better at soccer. This goal is important to me because I play soccer and I want to become better at it. The benefits of the goal is that I can get fit and I can get happy because if I get pro at soccer and make many goals I get happy. I am going to accomplish this goal by practicing a lot. I will start practicing by juggling the ball a lot.

2) My goal is to help my mom by chores. This is important because my mom can do other stuff while I help her. She can relax during me help her. The benefits of this is that My mom can use her time wisely. I will do this goal forever because I want to. I will do what ever she asks me if I have time.

3) My goal is to finnish my work way before due date maybe the day I get the homework. If I do this I will never get mad by the teacher. The benefits of this goal is that I don’t need to rush on finishing my homework right before school. I will do this for my rest of my school life.

Showcase portfolio

Things That I am Proud Of



I was a risk-taker in drama in many ways. One of them was in the activity where you become a person with two people. I found out that this activity was really hard although I tried my best on doing it.


I sometimes can’t play a piece of song in the band that I had to play. I try my best and practice hard. We played a song called charioteers. I am not shown in this video but I am playing it.


In this activity I had to make a story by my self. I knew that myself is not a good english speaker but I try my best and make the best story I can.



In japanese I did an activity where you write a news paper about anything I wanted, so I wrote about Popularity languages in japan. I wrote all of the things I know and learned into the newspaper.


In science I did many experiments. In this activity called how heavy is your bag we had to right down the percentage of your daily bag and your own weight. I had to have the knowledge to make  a chart in google spread sheet.


In art we drew a self portrait in black and white. Before drawing the actual self portrait we practiced our skills and techniques. So in the actual self portrait I used all of my skills and drew a great self portrait.


My first Portrait

The Top one is the one I drew at the beginning of the project. Afterwords I have done many activities to have many knowledges and skills on drawing a self portrait and the bottom one is my final drawing.

My Final self portrait



In PE we did many activities where I needed to communicate with my friends. Some times we needed to talk about strategies on how to beat the other team. In PE we did an activity where we did a jumprope performance with my friend Tsuyoshi. I had to communicate with my friend how to do the move and when to do it.


At the beginning of the year we did a research and presented about parts of a blog with our group mates. During this activity I communicated with my group mates about the parts of the blog and what it is about. We also presented to our class mates about it.


We have a teacher named Mr. Fedley. He sometimes forces us to do something such as writing a blog post about decimals. In this blog post I communicated to the viewer about how to use decimals with pictures and

some words. This is the link to the blog post I did about decimals.



In spanish I did many things in order to learn new words and vocabularies. In first unit I got a booklet from the teacher about spanish language (words). I tried to look and find out new stuff in the booklet.My spanish


In tutor we made an document with our class mates about what makes a student good or bad. In this activity I tried to find out what makes a student good and if I don’t know I look at this and talk with my friends.


I am an Inquirer at my blog  its self because I try to make my blog as good as possible. To do this I go to my friends blog and I try to find out new stuff and ways.

Things That I need to Improve



In humanities I think I did really well on mostly everything except one thing. We do mine craft to learn and built new stuff. In mine craft I sometimes get distracted by nature chickens and other animals which makes me not think about how to adapt. Instead I think about killing Chickens.

Me killing chickens

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