My Favorite Tutorials

Hey guys, today I am going to share with you guys my favorite tutorials. In the past few weeks in technology, we have been evaluating other tutorials and these is my favorite. Soo.. enjoy.

The person talking had a clear and easy voice to hear and understand. This is good because we know what he is saying. He also shows a demonstration. This means we don’t have to try hard to imagine what we are supposed to do. Finally, he shows important words on the screen. This helps us memorize these words.

The person talking has a clear and loud voice. This is good because we can clearly understand and hear what she says.Also, the camera is focused on what is happening. This is helpful because we can see properly what they are doing.Finally, There is also some funny things happening to keep us entertained. This is important because we don’t want to get bored.

Thank you and see you next time. Peace and Athul signing out. Okay for this time real. BYE!!!!!!!


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  1. I learnt how to beat someone in four short moves when we are having a chess game. Also in the beginning of the game your weakest spot is the KBP square. You should also be careful to not blow your chances.

    There’s soft background music in the video. It’s really good because it makes the video very enjoyable. Like Athul mentioned in the description, the person’s voice was slow and clear with good projection. That’s really good because it makes the video more understandable. The angel of the video shooting was really good. It’s good because it sometime shows you examples of what you should do. He warned you what not to do. It’s very good because you won’t have to experience it the hard way.

    I think he should add more example also your enemy’s reaction after each step. It’s important because you can come up with a back- up plan earlier just in case. I think he should also add more keywords into the video like do not blow up your chance. It’ll be better because it helps you to memorise the techniques.

  2. I learned that the horse is what I call it is more important at the beginning of a game then bishops I learned this be the visuals and the clear voice in the background. It makes a good because there is clear voice and good clear visuals to show and let you hear what you have to do. The criator could improve on the part where the letter comes because that part you can only hear and cannot see whats happening.( It got me confused.)

  3. I learned that the horse is more important in the beginning of the game than the bishops. And how to win a chess game in 4 steps. And that the KBP square is one of the most not protected squares.
    He said it very clear so it is easy to understand and he says everything very good in steps. And at the end he says also a few things where you need to look out for. he didn’t talk only he also demonstrated it that is important because you can know exactly where you need to put the pieces.
    in second video they could improve zoom in on the game so not the two people only or from a place you can’t see well.

  4. Hi Athul

    I learnt that you need to have a plan. Keep your Queen safe and the Knights are more important than Bishops.

    The tutorial is simple to understand and the speak slowly.

    that they could show a few good opening moves.

  5. HEY !

    I really liked the tutorial video! I learned 1. I learned that the horse is what I call it is more important at the beginning of a game then bishops.( wow) 2.The voice was nice and clear so it was easy to understand what it was saying! 3. And at the end he says also a few things where you need to look out for. (really good!) 4. Said really good tips about how to move the important ones for example like the queen! After all I think the video was kind of fast at talking, some part it was kind of hard to catch up for me. Well over all it was a really great tutorial of how to win in a chess game ( how to win a chess game in 4 steps. )

  6. i learned a lot more from the second video altho the first was still really good.
    i learned a lot of good chess strategies like blocking your king with your castle, i also learned that chess could have originated in india in 600BCE. this is a great tutorial (tutorial 2) because she doesn’t just give one tip but several, also like you said she speaks clearly altho her voice is kind of boring.

    i don’t think that the funny things are really necessary because not only are the distracting but you could get confused on what to do (it was in the example.)

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