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My Tutorial

Lately in technology class we have been finishing the tutorial. First we edited the tutorial and we post it on the blog post. I am editing the same blog post and I am writing the reflection about my tutorial. In this unit we made our own tutorial that meets the criteria. Every one made different tutorial with different topic. I chose cooking because my passion is cooking and I also wanted to make a video about it.

this is my video, How to make chocolate ice cream with chocolate chip cookie!


I think that my tutorial is connected these criteria:


Steady camera


Before I made the tutorial I also thought I am going to meet these criteria for my tutorial.

I think I met the criteria “Step-by-step” because I was explaining the step clear and easy to understand. This helps the viewer because when you explain in hard way maybe the viewer will be confused. I also think I met “Steady camera” because I used a high quality camera and I used the tripod to make sure the camera won’t move. If the camera is wiggling to much or moving a lot, the viewer will be really hard to see. The last criteria I met was “Subtitles“. I think I met this criteria because I used a lot of subtitles on each of the clip. I think this really helps the viewer to understand better.


After I finished making the tutorial I watched other peoples tutorial. I got a lot of idea how I should make the tutorial if I do this again.

The tutorial that affected me was Elena’s tutorial, Julynn’s tutorial and Isabelle’s tutorial. These are the person I commented on for homework.

First tutorial I watched was Elena’s tutorial. Elena’s tutorial was “How to make DIY Glitter i phone charger”. By watching this video I learned that it is very easy and simple to make it and I also leaned that you can but glue (mod podge) the i phone charger,I first thought it will damage but it didn’t. Her tutorial was effective because she showed the “finished product”. I thought I should do that next time because I showed finished product but still maybe I should’ve shown it more clear.

The second tutorial I watched was Julynn’s tutorial. Julynn’s tutorial was “How to make Cup cakes” . By watching this video I leaned that you can bake the cupcake with a cup, not a muffin pan. I also leaned another way to make a cup cake. Her tutorial was effective because her tutorial was so “unique”. The topic was about cooking but, her tutorial was about 1 min and that made me watch until last. I thought I should do this next time because, my topic was cooking and it took about 5 min and maybe that made the viewer board so I thought I want to make the video more short.

The last tutorial I watched was Isabelle’s tutorial. Her tutorial was “How to wash a Guinea pig”. By watching this video I learned that you can’t wash the guinea pig’s head because it can hurt your Guinea pig. I also learned that you need to use a shampoo that is for guinea pig or rabbit, not humans because it can can really hurt your guinea pig. Her tutorial was effective because her “creativity” was so good. Her tutorial was creative because I can see that she likes guinea pig and also this is really helpful for the people who has a guinea pig. (After I watched this video I thought I really want to have a guinea pig 🙂 ) I thought I should do this next time because this is a good tutorial that can help people, although my tutorial was about cooking 🙂


Something I am still challenging is “Length of video” because, My tutorial is about cooking and cooking takes a lot of time so I thought if I could make the video shorter it will be really good video because the viewer won’t be bored.

This is my survey and you can fill these out if you have a feedback or comment 🙂

I really enjoyed this unit because I learned how to make a tutorial and I also learned some “technique” on making a video. I hope I can make a tutorial again in the future 🙂

Tutorial Plan Reflection

Lately in technology class we are planning to make a tutorial. We planned what is going to be on the tutorial and how we are going to record. We created a story board that  shows each step explained with a drawing. We made a story board because you can review when you start to film. In the story board we made a out line (that is below the drawing) where we wrote the script, tittle, steps, length of the clip, Transition, and background audio. My tutorial is going to show “How to make a chocolate ice cream with chocolate chip cookie”. This is my story board ⬇

In the beginning of the story board I made a clip that showed a tittle and explaining what i am going to make, also the next clip I has a clip that showed the ingredient and I am planning to move the camera slow to show all the ingredient. This is so that the people who is watching this tutorial can review and they can check before they make the chocolate ice cream. I showed the finished product on the beginning of the story board because if you don’t show what you are going to make before you see maybe the viewer think if he/she is going to watch all so thats why I thought I need a finished product before I make it. I also had a clip that was finished in the end of the tutorial that showed what finished. I made each clip detailed and explained easy so that the viewer can understand easily. After we made the Story board we  made a timeline that showed the step. This is the timeline⬇

I think I met these criteria,

✸ Finished product



The first criteria I met was “Finished product”, because I showed finished product on beginning of the clip and end of the clip. Finished product is important because if you don’t have a finished product before you make or doit the viewer will be confused and might skip the video.

My second criteria I met was “Subtitle”because I add a subtitle in some of the clip. Subtitle is important because if you have a subtitle it is more detailed and it is easy to understand.

My last criteria I met was “Step-by Step”. I think I met this criteria because I explained each clip detail and easy to understand. Step-by-Step is really important in a tutorial because if the viewer can’t follow or can’t understand it will be hard to make it.

I think I am going to do well on making the i movie, because did it before. And we also explored in class so I am sure I can do the i movie with out help. Still I am worried about filming my video because it is hard to film by my self, maybe I need a little help with my filming part.

I think I learned every thing we need in a good tutorial. We can start to film march 21st. I will make sure I prepare and finish the tutorial in time 🙂

What Makes A Great Teacher?

Hello! If you know, at Technology class we have been investigating on what makes a a good tutorial. This unit is called “Teachers of the Future”, so today I will talk about what I feel that makes a great teacher.

I think that great teacher explains really well, so the student can do it with there self with out any help. Every time when we do a project the teacher explains what is the project about, but if the teacher doesn’t explain really well the student will not understand what there talking about and the student might get a bad grade so I thought explaining well was really important for a great teacher. Also I think great teacher has to get the student by getting there interest. I thought this was important too because if you don’t get student there interest it will be difficult to understand and the teacher will feel bad.

I think that great teacher was taught by a great teacher when there were small. I thought this effects teachers feeling because if the student has a great teacher maybe the student will think I want to be a teacher. I think most teacher was taught by a great teacher!

Areas of Interaction Graphic-1

If you see the picture above you can see the “Area of Interaction”. I think in this unit the appropriate area would be for Approaches to Learning. I thought this fits to this unit because student learn from there teacher. We can learn more things from teacher, but we can teach the teacher too.

In this investigation I learned that it is really important to learn from a great teacher.

Thank you for reading my post 🙂



Tuturial Investigate Reflection

In Technology class we were doing a unit called “Teachers of the Future”. In this unit, We have to make a tutorial, and choose a favorite video tutorial I chose a tutorial that was about cooking. Before we made our own tutorial we had to research on “What make a good tutorial”.

The first thing we did was, Researching a video tutorial and write down what we learn from this video, What was good, and what could the creator could improve on. We made a document called “Tutorial Research”. We could choose any topic of tutorial but I chose a cooking tutorial. This is the document of Tutorial Research. This is the link “Tutorial Research

The next thing we did was look at other people’s blog post called “your favorite tutorial” and comment on them. We were aloud to choose anybody in 6th grade. I commented on Wonkyung’s blog, Hana C’s blog and Vienna’s blog. From Hana’s blog she was doing the tutorial of drawing,  and I learned that if the person speaks too fast or draw it too fast the viewer can’t follow. From Vienna was doing drawing tutorial too, and I learned when the creator does not have a high quality camera it will hard to see even the creator speaks or do the steps clear.

After we did this we finally get to make our own tutorial. What we did is, make a new document and brainstorm then we make a google presentation, we had 30minute to make the tutorial. I made a tutorial, “How to change your cursor bigger or smaller”. After, we made a partner and the partner reads the instruction then they do what it says. This was the tutorial I did ⬇

I kept my  things step-by-step by putting pictures in each step and I made the explanation clear and easy to understand. I design each step simple and easy by making the explanation short and I tried to put the picture that is clear. You can make a simple google presentation by not making the color same as the color of the words. Difference between my favorite tutorial and my practice tutorial was… my practice tutorial had no clear picture and also it wasn’t a video so maybe it was hard to understand even you read it or see the pictures.

My Favorite Tutorial

In technology class we had a homework that was searching some tutorial. We chose a topic for the tutorial. This is some examples=music, video games, cooking, technology, drawing, origami, skateboarding, etc. We evaluate each tutorial in a table and we typed in what we learned by watching this video, What is good about this video, and What was bad about this video.

There is few things that are really great about this tutorial. She was talking while she was making the cupcake. This was good because, it was easy to understand her.She showed the Finished Object and the ingredients at first before she started the Video. This was good because you will know what you are making.She was using a white table. this was good because it was easy to understand.

Some thing I thought that the creator could improve on were: She didn’t pause. This wasn’t Helpful because, we can’t catch up to her while playing the Video.She was talking too fast. This wasn’t helpful because I couldn’t understand what she is saying.She was talking in a British Accent. This wasn’t helpful because it was hard to understand the directions she was saying.

I learned by looking this video is:  I learned how to make a cupcake really fast and easy, then the way I make it. I learned that when you are making the Mickey Mouse logo in the cupcake, you roll the chocolate into a ball and roll it into a shape of a snake.

Create Reflection

In Technology class right now we are trying to make our blog perfect as we want. How we perfected our blog is add more widgets and make the menu bar to see it more clear. We also did “About Me” page and people wrote what they like, passion, my life and other things. It is a great page so please check if you have time.

Here is the picture. Try to find this in my blog so that you can go to my “About Me” page.




I enjoyed doing this because I like the way it looks like know and there is a background and header image that shows my passion. I also like my widget, my favorite one is translater and clock. The translator is really good when somebody comes see my blog but they can’t speak or understand english. Clock is really good because when you want to find out the time it is really good.

This is the picture!





I think this times technology class really helped me with organizing and making sure you want to have a perfect blog as you want. And some of my goals for the blog was to making it organize to I thnink this was a good chance to reach my goal.

Thankyou for reading my post! I hope you enjoyed it

Plan reflection

In technology class we made a design for our blog. We did this because when I am making my own blog I want want to make my blog that represent me. For example I want to make my theme my passion or what I like. I enjoyed doing this because I thought it will help me when I want my to make my blog that represent me.

What we did is we made 3 design I chose one Because I thought “this one is the best for my blog.”

I chose this themes because my passion is cooking and food. And I think this color (rainbow) is my favorite color. I chose this as a best choice because I thought this fits me as my blog that represent me.

I will try to learn to make a posts and themes cool. To reach that goal I will ask my friend if they think my blog represent me.

I think I should learn how to put a good post. To do this I will practice to write and read.


Investigate Reflection

 In this 6 week we learned about this. The first one is the blog reasurch, the second one is brain stornm, and the last one is word press. We are do this to make our blog look good. I learn each people are making sure the post is in the right categories.


For the Brain storm we brain stormed ideas of what can we put in a blogs so every body will enjoys. I think this help me whan I don’t have any ideas for writing a post or making a category. Some times there is people that are looking always at my blog so maybe it helps when you want the people to enjoy your blogs


For the blog reasurch we surched a blog and we wrote what is good about thins blog and what is important about this blog. For example “The good thing about thins blog is that there is a picture on each of this GO RAMEN!SANDY MATTUN, and The Pigeon blog. The pigeon blog had a cool picture but it had a bad word on each of the post so it didn’t helped


For the WordPress we learned “when you make a blog how can you post? How can you make a knew category?”. We did this in groups. When I did this I learned alot about these thigs. I know now how to change themes, Add knew categories, Add knew post, add a link to a word, and a lot more. It is helpful when you don’t now how to do this things.


The most important criteria for me was…


-Text and post


It is important to me that has a “picture”  in blog because it is easer to understand for me and it is easer to under stand for everyone who sees my blog.

‘Text” is important to have in a blogs because it is interesting for people that are looking and if you have a bad word the person who is watching the blog always might don’t look at the blog anymore.

“Themes” is important in a blog because for me themes are showing passions and what you like. It mite be boring if you don’t have a theme.

I will try to my best to reach my criteria.

I think I did a good job in this blog reasurch and brain storm and now I know what can you make your blog more interesting.