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Nature VS Nurture

Recently in I&S we have been learning about Nature VS Nurture. We discussed the difference between nature and nurture and watched some video about them.


Nature is your physical features (characteristic) that can be identical to your parents (DNA/Genes). The things you already had from the beginning (from when you were born) is nature. For example, when both of your parents has a hair color that you have, it is nature.


Nurture is when you get affected by the things around you and didn’t have it from the beginning since you were born. ‘Culture’ can be one of the example of nurture. In Japan we have to take off our shoes inside the house. If Japan did not do this from long time ago, it might have changed. (Nurture can also be affected by people around you, like friends)

One of the video we watched in class (BBC clip on gender stereotypes) talked about how adults reacted to gender stereotypes. Usually, when adults give a toy to a child they would offer a toy that fits the gender. For example, when the gender is a boy they would give a toy car, but on the other hand, if it’s a girl they give a doll. This means gender stereotypes are mostly affected by nurture. However, they also tested if nature affects gender behaviour as well. They put some toys for males and females to see if the monkeys will really go and get the toys for their right gender. As a result, most of the monkeys got a right gender toys which mean that nature has also has been affecting gender stereotypes.

People might have physical characteristic, physical abilities, behaviors that might think it is either nature or nurture. However, sometimes it can be both and one of the reasons you can not completely decide which one might be because you still haven’t noticed which one you got affected by.

January Goal Setting 2014

Hello everyone this post will be about January goal (Janus). Janus is the god of beginnings and transitions, thence also of gates, doors, passages, endings and time. This means he looks back at the past and look for the future thats why he has two head. If you want to know more go to this LINK(Wikipedia)


Picture from

The thing that was important to me in my personal life last year was that I started to go to a cooking lesson. This was important to me because I want to get better at cooking and I tried hard to tell my parents that I really wanted to go. I changed by getting better at cooking and my life changed by learning more recipes and improving cooking. I decide to go to cooking lesson in the future more then know because I want to be a chef in the future. I went to a cup noodle museum, I think this was important because it is connected to my passion.

imagethis it what I made by my self

My first goal is to get faster on running. This goal is important because I want to win a medal in YIS Cross Country The benefits of achieving this goal is because I lost at 3rd grade so I was mortifying so I don’t want that happens again so I think this is good goal. I want to reach this goal by 2014 November because the next cross country in at November.

imageThis is the medal I won

My second goal is to get better at learning. This goal is important because I sometimes think that learning is so boring. The benefits of achieving this goal is because I want to get good grade. To reach this goal I will practice writing and reading. I want to reach this goal by 2014 June.

My last goal is to achieve on my cooking skills. This goal is important because I started to go to a cooking lesson in 2013 february. The benefits of achieving this goal is because I want to get better at cooking. To reach this goal I will try hard on cooking lesson. I want to reach this goal by 2014 December.


My Favorite Tutorial

In technology class we had a homework that was searching some tutorial. We chose a topic for the tutorial. This is some examples=music, video games, cooking, technology, drawing, origami, skateboarding, etc. We evaluate each tutorial in a table and we typed in what we learned by watching this video, What is good about this video, and What was bad about this video.

There is few things that are really great about this tutorial. She was talking while she was making the cupcake. This was good because, it was easy to understand her.She showed the Finished Object and the ingredients at first before she started the Video. This was good because you will know what you are making.She was using a white table. this was good because it was easy to understand.

Some thing I thought that the creator could improve on were: She didn’t pause. This wasn’t Helpful because, we can’t catch up to her while playing the Video.She was talking too fast. This wasn’t helpful because I couldn’t understand what she is saying.She was talking in a British Accent. This wasn’t helpful because it was hard to understand the directions she was saying.

I learned by looking this video is:  I learned how to make a cupcake really fast and easy, then the way I make it. I learned that when you are making the Mickey Mouse logo in the cupcake, you roll the chocolate into a ball and roll it into a shape of a snake.

Minecraft Project!

Lately in humanities class, we are doing project on minecraft. Minecraft is a sandbox indie game originally created by a Swedish Programmer Markus “Notch” Persson and later developed and published by Mojang. Check this page if you want to know about minecraft go to this link WIKIPEDIA. In this project we made a house in one of the biomes. I chose Tundra.

Before we made a house we answered these questions,


1. Find two other sources (Factmonster or School.eb might be good) and write down facts about the biome.

Arctic Tundra is a world youngest biome.It was formed 10,000 years ago and Tundra comes from the Finnish word “tunturia”, which means a barren land.

2.Define the biome and its climate. What makes it different from other biomes?

Tundra’s climate is less than 45˚from 50˚F but in winter it is about 20˚to 30˚F.

3.Describe the biome plant and animal life. How have the plants and animals adapted to fit the biome?

In Tundra there is a animal called polar fox and White plant. In Tundra there is a plant called Calliergon. I think these plants and animals really fits with this biome.

4.Find 5-10 pictures of the biome. Insert them here.


When I made a house in minecraft I made it with bricks. In tundra they usually make a house with bricks and wood, so I made it with a brick.

This is the picture

I think I did a pretty good job on making a house and I really enjoyed doing this project.

We went to Hakuba in Nagano prefecture last day

This day we had to go back to school. So first we had to pack our things. and clean up the rooms. It took about 30 minutes to clean up. Then we ate the last breakfast in this hotel. It was very yummy then around 9:00 we load the bus to school. Again it was about 5 hour and had 2 rest stops. I thought 5 day is really long but it wasn’t really long. Everybody had a really fun time at Hakuba.

This is the picture of the last breakfast in the Hotel