Grade 6 Show Case Portfolio

In grade 6 in I feel that I am Principled, a Communicator, Open-Minded, and a Thinker. The one I think I need to improve on being reflective.


I show that I am principled by finishing my work in time.


In Humanities class I am principled because I focus a lot without talking. The project that shows that I was Principled was, “Museum Display”

This was the Project of “Museum DIsplay”.


In technology class I am Principled because I always finish my homework before the due date. My favorite project was to make a blog post on my “favorite tutorial”.



I am a Communicator in Japanese class because I always ask for help when I feel I need it. My favorite project was to make a “newspaper article”.


I am communicator in EAL class because I always communicate  and add my ideas in a group when the teacher says to talk about it. My favorite project was to present “What is the Special Event in your Country”.



I am Open-Minded in Music class because if I learn something I try to remember and enjoy learning new things.

This is the project that I learn something (This was a homework) Link from blog


I am Open-Minded in art class because I always am interested in learning new things.

This is a self-portrait I did in art class.

After Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 3.13.56 PMScreen Shot 2014-02-19 at 3.13.38 PMBefore



I am a thinker in science class. For example if I was doing project I always explain in a scientific way.


I am a thinker in PE class because I think when I doing a game, for example in basketball you half to think where to pass. My favorite unit was “Cross Country” because I like running.


Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 8.46.42 AMimage-1










I am a thinker in math class because when I do a math test I always think before I write the answer. We sometimes do mathletics for the homework this is the “LINK


For this one I want to tell you about what I should improve.


I think I need to improve on being reflective in Drama. In drama class we do some blog posts for reflecting, but I don’t really make it detailed. I think I should improve on reflecting.


I think I need to improve a little bit in English class. In English we did a project on making a presentation “Holes Comparison Presentation”. In this project we made a google presentation and presentation about a movie and a book. (difference between “Movie” and “Book”)

This is the presentation we did.


Thankyou for reading my Showcase Portfolio!

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